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Denmark: Muslim pupils move to Muslim private schools

From Jihad Watch:

Denmark: Muslim pupils move to Muslim private schools
On January 29, 2012, Denmark got a new newspaper: The Short Newspaper. It was created partly as a reaction to the large amount of political correctness in the mainstream media. It is published by journalist Ralf Pittelkow and his wife Karen Jespersen, a member of parliament for a conservative party and former Minister. Together they have also published several Islam-critical books: "The power of Islam" and "Islamists and Naivists" being the latest. The Short Newspaper is only published on the internet, but has already attracted a surprisingly large amount attention. Dozens of influential and well-known writers from the Conservative establishment are contributing to the newspaper -- many of them for free. Let us hope that this great idea will spread to other countries.

Islamic schools mushroom because Muslim parents do not want their children to be exposed to non-Islamic values, and because they in general want to avoid integration into our societies. Muslim schools, Muslim nursing homes, Muslim graveyards -- and being separated from having Danish colleagues, either because of unemployment or from working alone as taxi drivers or at Muslim-only workplaces (such as pizzerias) -- makes it possible to remain almost untouched by Danish culture and non-Muslims from cradle to grave.

Translated from The Short Newspaper, January 31st 2012: "Muslims leave state schools":

More and more parents with an immigrant background are moving their children from state schools to private schools. The trend is particularly strong among Muslims, and the influx into Muslim private schools have increased sharply. In just three years, there has been an increase of 25 percent of Muslim private schools, and the number of pupils in such schools is now at nearly 4,000.
This contributes to parallel societies. Muslim children do not get together with other children at school, which is a very important contribution to integration. They come to live in their own world, which creates rifts between them and the Danish society and its values.

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