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The Rise Of Anti-Semitism And Islam In The West

From Jihad Watch:

Robert Spencer in Germany: "The Rise of Anti-Semitism and Islam in the West"

Stuttgart, Germany, June 3, 2011.

Videos courtesy Kitman TV and Europe News.

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Detroit: Muslim Driver Overcome By Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Intentionally Runs Down And Kills Police Officer

From Jihad Watch:

Detroit: Muslim driver intentionally runs down and kills police officer

According to MyFoxDetroit, "Witnesses say the man behind the wheel, Saddam Mohsin, 30, of New York, rammed the officer intentionally."

Here we go again. I've said it before and will probably have to say it again: New York City cabdriver Mohammed Azam ran over two of his passengers for no apparent reason. Another cabbie, Hassan Daly, who was described as a "devout Muslim," plowed his cab into a crowd on a sidewalk in San Diego, injuring over 24 people. Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar explicitly grounded his hit-and-run in the teachings of the Koran. Munir Muthana told the police who arrested him that "the Muslims will fix this country." Omeed Aziz Popal, we were told, was suffering from stress from an arranged marriage. Ismail Yassin Mohamed, we were informed, was mentally ill, suffered from depression, and hadn't being taking his medication. And Muhammad Teshale, according to "law enforcement officials," "did it to be famous."

Coincidence or jihad? Certainly there are a lot of hit-and-run and incidents involving people hit by cars that have nothing to do with Muslims, but in the cases listed here there is a degree of intentionality in these that we do not usually see.

"A Buffalo Man Accused of Killing a Detroit Police Officer," by Jaclyn Asztalos for WKBW News, June 13 (thanks to Kinana of Khaybar):

Buffalo, N.Y. (WKBW)- Saddam Hussein Mohsin, 30, of Buffalo has been charged with attempted murder after hitting Detroit Police Officer Charles Armour with his car.

Mohsin was driving the wrong way down a one-way street, when Armour tried to approach his car to let him know he was driving illegally. Mohsin did not stop but ran the officer down, landing Armour in the hospital.

According to the Detroit News, his injuries did not seem life threatening. They said he was talking and posting updates to his Facebook page. Then on Saturday, his health began to go down hill and just hours later he was dead.

Those who knew Armour said he was a gentleman and Detroit Police Officer who was well liked....

Mohsin is charged with attempted murder and remains in prison for $500 thousand on bail.

Armour is survived by his parents, four-year-old daughter and girlfriend. He was a 16-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department.

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New Tampa Chief Of Hamas-Linked CAIR Loves Jihad Terror Group Hizballah, Too

From Jihad Watch:

New Tampa chief of Hamas-linked CAIR loves jihad terror group Hizballah, too

Surprise, surprise."Peace, freedom, love, and, mutual respect" apparently don't have the same meaning for Hassan Shibly that they have for non-Muslims. Hassan Shibly has stated that "Hezbollah is absolutely not a terrorist organization," but is instead a "resistance movement," such that "any war against them is illegitimate." Ryan Mauro has much more on Shibly's shady connections here.

From the "American Muslim News Briefs" email sent out by the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on June 10:


(TAMPA, FL, 6/10/11) -- The Florida office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) has announced the appointment of Hassan Shibly as the new executive director of its Tampa chapter (CAIR-Tampa).

Shibly joins CAIR-Tampa after completing law school in upstate New York. In May 2011, Hassan graduated near the top of his law class from the University at Buffalo Law School. During college, he interned at CAIR's national headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“It is a great honor to serve the Florida Muslim Community as executive director of CAIR-Tampa. This responsibility is not a light burden and success cannot be accomplished alone. Our work has never been more critical. It is essential we work together as a community -- with all those who stand for peace, freedom, love, and, mutual respect -- to counter those who wish to promote fear, hatred and violence. Just as ignorance is what creates these problems, outreach and education are the solutions.”

“We must also work hard to protect the very rights, freedoms and civil liberties that make America such a great nation. The legal system this nation is founded on was meant to uphold justice and security, and only by positively engaging in it can we ensure that the rights of all Americans are protected. Through outreach, education and dialogue, it is my hope that CAIR-Tampa can serve to help foster an environment in which children of all faiths and cultures can grow up without fear of discrimination, prejudice or violence.”

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

CONTACT: CAIR Tampa Executive Director Hassan Shibly, 813.514.1414, 813.541.4321 (cell), or, Please note the new media number for CAIR-Tampa is 813.541.4321

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Kosovo: Muslims Turn Church Into Public Toilet, Waste Dump

From Jihad Watch:

Kosovo: Muslims turn church into public toilet, waste dump

It sure is great that the U.S. fought to "liberate" these people!

Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate, pro-American Kosovo: "Church in Smodreza turned into public toilet again," from, June 11 (thanks to Hugo):

The Orthodox Christina [sic] temple in the village of Samodreza, near Vucitrn, in northern Kosmet, has been desecrated again.

The Kosmet Strategic Network NGO, which gathers 70 Serb organizations of that type, has communicated that few days ago the church was broken into and turned into a public toilet and waste dump.

The attacks on this church have been going on constantly even after the arrival of international forces in 1999, when the sanctity [sic] was burned from inside.

The Strategic Network reminds that in the previous period the Albanian community has, on several occasions, blocked the process of renovation of the church in Samodreza, while some 20 families that used to live in the village have been forcefully expelled.

Bogdanovic condemned desecration of church in Kosmet

Serbian Minister of Kosmet Goran Bogdanovic has severely condemned the desecration of the Orthodox church in the village of Samodreza in Kosmet, and asked for perpetrators to be found and punished immediately.

The desecration of the church prior to the great holiday of St. Vitus day represents a message to the Serbs, i.e. what is the attitude of the local Albanian community and the provincial government towards them, pointed Bogdanovic.

He has added that it has once more been shown that the Kosmet police is unable, and often unwilling, to protect the Serb churches, monasteries and cultural monuments....

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Russian Blonds Wanted For Islamic Sexual Slavery

From Europe News:

Russian Blonds Wanted for Islamic Sexual Slavery

AINA (press release) 14 June 2011

By Nonie Darwish

When Muslim Sheikhs discuss the topic of sexual slavery of women, which is allowed in the Qur’an, it comes out a bit politically incorrect even to the taste of the majority of Muslims, who have long forgotten that slavery is a well- established institution in Islam. Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery as late as 1962, not because Islam made the Saudis do it, but because the Saudis wanted to save face after an international cry against slavery. But now some Muslims are demanding its return. So Muslim spin misters are advocating the embarrassing, but legal, topic through the mouths of Muslim women.

A Kuwaiti woman who is called an "activist” and former candidate to the Kuwaiti parliament, spoke to the Kuwait Times about the establishment of a new law permitting men to buy and sell non-Muslim girls, captured in jihad, as sexual slaves in order to protect Muslim men against seductive sexual immorality. The Arabic Al Arabiya had more details on what that woman, Salwa al-Mutairi, is advocating:

Ms. Mutairi who was nice enough to put the minimum age of 15 for slave girls, Christian Jews or other, to be sold. She demanded the immediate establishment of slave agencies just like agencies for maids, where the slave girls will earn a whopping 50 Kuwaiti Dinar monthly and in return will cook, clean, take care of the kids and be the slave of the wife during the day. But her job does not end there; at night, whenever Mutairi is not in the mood, then her husband will not stray too far away from the house, since it is halal (kosher) for the husband to have sex with the slave girls without any marriage or unnecessary paper to satisfy his sexual pleasures. Better do it at home under the watchful eyes of the wife and kids only for 50 Dinars. Wow, what a deal!

Mutairi was especially interested in Russian slave girls since Muslim men do prefer them blond. Russian, European and American blond women, better watch out, the Muslims are coming! The plan is for Muslims in Chechnya to kidnap Russian girls after a jihadist operation and then will sell them to the Kuwaitis. The price of the sale per her suggestion would be 2500 Kuwaiti dinars. (...)

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There Are Several Hundred Cases Of Child Marriage In Sweden Every Year

From Europe News:

Several hundred cases of child marriage in Sweden every year

Jihad Watch 14 June 2011

Eurabia Update: "Flera hundra fall av barnäktenskap i Sverige," from Dagen, April 20: "Several hundred cases of child marriages in Sweden," translation by Danish psychologist and author Nicolai Sennels:

Immigrants in Sweden: 200 child marriages yearly; 8,500 fear forced marriages

Muslim immigration has introduced a new perspective on love in Sweden: Child marriages and forced marriages.

A couple of hundred child marriages are registered every year in Sweden. This is the conclusion after analysing data that the government ordered from the central tax office. It concerns persons immigrating to Sweden who apply for marriage and persons with Swedish citizenship who marry foreigners. ... The tax office has registered 74 cases in the first four months of the year in which one or both partners were below 18 years when marrying. In almost all cases it was the women who were minors. Converted to full-year figures, it amounts to more than 200 cases. ... As Dagen (newspaper) has previously reported, the Youth Board's report "Married against her will" concluded that 8,500 young people aged 16-25 years were afraid of being married off against their will.


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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair: I Read The Holy Koran Every Day

From Europe News:

I read the Holy Quran everyday: Tony Blair

The Express Tribune 14 June 2011

LONDON: In a startling revelation during an interview to The Observer magazine, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair confessed to reading the Holy Quran, the holy scripture for the 1.5 billion global Muslim population, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Blair, who was famously reluctant to discuss his faith during his time in office, converted to Catholicism months after leaving 10 Downing Street in 2007, and set up the ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’, to promote respect and understanding between the major religions.

In the interview, he said "I read the Bible every day. I read the Quran every day, partly to understand some of the things happening in the world, but mainly just because it is immensely instructive.” (...)

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Geert Wilders: We Are At The Beginning Of Something Great!

From Europe News:

"We are at the beginning of something great!”

pi-news 14 June 2011

The Swiss Tagesanzeiger newspaper cited the Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders that we’re "at the beginning of something really great.” Such was the statement of the PVV leader at an informal press discussion with the SVP politician Oskar Freysinger last Thursday in The Hague (PI reported).

It appears hear to be not only an intense friendship but also the formation of a powerful European pact between Islam-critical parties that is above any possible suspicion of being close to "rightwing extremism.”

The Tagesanzeiger writes:

Wilders wants to be inspired by Switzerland. "We want to multiply our initiatives. We are the beginning of something really great,” the Dutch politician said. The minaret initiative especially has affected him. Both politicians not only made shots at Islam this time, but also the debt states of Greece and Portugal receive their digs as well. At the meeting, there was also the discussion of a possible future collaboration. There was talk of a mutual Europe tour, for example. First of all though, Freysinger still plans to bring the Dutchman to Switzerland in September.

For starters, the two will be seen on September 3rd in Berlin at a big event put on by the FREIHEIT (Freedom) Party as part of the election campaign there. It appears that kindred spirits are growing together here. A mass movement in Europe could be formed along the axis of Wilders, Freysinger and Stadtkewitz.

Meanwhile, it is being very carefully observed in Switzerland how SVP politician Oskar Freysinger is deepening his contacts with Islam-critical parties. The Neue Zürcher newspaper reports under the headline "The Self-Appointed Exterior Minister of the SVP” of his appearance at the founding of the Bavarian State Affiliate of the FREIHEIT (Freedom) Party.

At the Unterhaching sports center near Munich, Valais SVP national councilman Oskar Freysinger scored very well. He had been invited as a guest to the inaugural meeting of the new Bavarian affiliate of the anti-Islamic "Die Freiheit” Party. Before around 70 listeners, Freysinger portrayed pleasurably "the crucial experience of my life” when he was able to celebrate the adoption of the minaret initiative on November 23, 2009. Everyone had expected to see a defeated xenophobic and racist Freysinger on TV, "behind him progressive longbeards in the service of religious freedom and women’s, homosexuals’ and human rights,” Freysinger.

Many things bond the Swiss Freysinger, the Dutchman Wilders and the German Stadtkewitz together. They have recognized Islam as the greatest danger to democracy and freedom and share similar views about Europe’s future. The NZZ writes further:

Oskar Freysinger stresses that there is much space to the right of the citizen parties because they have drifted to the left. A few years ago, he rejected contact by a rightwing national group abroad because at that time there were trends toward totalitarianism and much influence by the neonazis. The program of the "Freiheit” Party is "almost congruent” with that of the SVP, Freysinger affirmed. In addition he has encountered interest abroad if he would propagate the Swiss model of direct democracy as a counterpart to the EU’s system.

Freysinger sees unsuspicious companions in Wilders and Stadtekewitz. "I have no reservations of rightwing extremism with them.” The national councilman also plans an appearance with Wilders in The Hague since the planned visit in Wallis by the Dutchman fell through.

Freysinger does not intend to collaborate with the French Front National and Austrian Nationalists. He has concerns about them.

The Berner Zeitung newspaper is also interested in Freysinger’s foreign policy activities and reports on the association between the two Islam-critical politicians:

After the media conference in The Hague, Freysinger and Wilders will return to discuss further collaboration. Both rightwing politicians are planning a European network with like-minded individuals. Also among the leading heads of this developing movement are René Stadtkewitz, head of the newly founded Freedom Party in Germany. Last Saturday, the Valais national councilman was a celebrated guest speaker at the inaugural assembly of the Bavarian affiliate for the Freedom party in Munich. Furthermore, Freysinger is maintaining contacts with Islam-critical groups in France. He distances himself from Front National and Marine Le Pen.

The Freysinger and Co. network intends not only to push back against Islam in Europe. He is also propagating a new system for the EU – and indeed more direct democracy and a confederation according to the Swiss model.

Meanwhile, Heinz-Christian Strache with his FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) are entangled in totally unnecessary discussions regarding Hitler’s supposed honorary citizenship in various Austrian cities. This past Wednesday he was at a mutual press conference by the Front National and the FPÖ arranged by Andreas Mölzer where he disparaging remarks about Wilders (”the man is a flash in the pan,” "self promoter,” "undistinguished positions,” "his statements do more damage to a critical debate about Islam more than they help it”) and positive statements about Islam have caused proper confusion. For example, he said this at the end of January 2010:

"Islam is one of the great world religions and deserves the greatest respect and greatest recognition.”

As long as the FPÖ and the Front National find no clearly Islam-critical course or one that is clearly limited from the extreme right, then a closer collaboration with these parties is impossible. It looks quite different with the Swedish Democrats, the Danish People’s Party and the "True Finns,” who would rather strike a common line with Wilders, Freysinger and Stadtkewitz. Belgian Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) also has similar Islam-critical positions, just as a PI interview with Filip Dewinter documented on December 8, 2010, in Jerusalem. However, the Vlaams Belang had has since appeared on May 8th in Cologne at a "March for Freedom” along with PRO and the FPÖ.

In light of an increasing islamization of Europe and the effects of the Islamic world view becoming more and more open, it’s only a matter of time before movements that represent a clear opinion about Islam catch on in all of Europe’s countries and become a part of a European alliance with Wilders, Freysinger, Stadtkewitz & Co.

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Global Jihad Marches: Mohammed And Satan, The Great Taboo

From Europe News:

Global Jihad Marches: Mohammed and Satan, the Great Taboo

Right Side News 14 June 2011

By Vin Ienco

One of the many embarrassing facts about Islam is unquestionably when Mohammed said that Satan had put words into his mouth. Despite being heavily documented in the Hadith and Koran, countless excuses and even denials have come from both Muslim ‘scholars’ and the Islamic populous as a whole.

Indian-born Lawyer Salman Rushdie published his fourth and most controversial book in September 1988, called ‘The Satanic Verses’. This was met with angry condemnation in the Islamic world, as it was perceived as a contemptuous portrayal for the revered prophet of Islam. According to the book, Mohammad added verses to the Koran accepting three goddesses who used to be worshipped in Mecca as divine beings.

DevilIn February 1989 a Radio Tehran broadcast issued a fatwa calling for the death of Rushdie. This was issued by Iran’s highest authority and spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who had stated that the book was ‘blasphemous’ and an insult to Islam. Rushdie, who had lived in Britain for some time, was subsequently forced to live under police protection for years afterwards. Three weeks after the radio broadcast, in early March, Britain severed all diplomatic relations with Iran over the book.

The books’ publication and Khomeini’s condemnation and fatwa saw a wave of violence engulf the Islamic world. Bookstores stocking Rushdie’s book were firebombed. In the West, Muslim communities in several nations held rallies and burned copies of the book. Some people associated with translating or publishing the book was attacked and the book was banned in many countries with large Muslim populations.

The four main points of the book were:

1. Mohammad did not want to further offend the Meccans and he did not want God to reveal something to him that would cause further offence.

2. Mohammad desired a revelation that would bring peace between himself and the Meccans.

3. When Mohammad began to recite the chapter called "The Star", Satan interjected some words and thoughts into Muhammad's heart and mind. This was coupled with Mohammad's own desires resulting in him speaking Satan's words.

4. Later, Gibreel rebuked Mohammad for having spoken Satan's words. Mohammad admitted his sinful error and was then comforted by Allah.

The basic framework to these events was that Mohammad and his companions, the early Muslims, were being persecuted by Arab tribesman for attacking the pagan faiths of Mecca. Rather than offend them further, he wanted them to become his followers. So when opportunity arose, he spoke what Satan put into his heart and mind as the word of God. Mohammed later recanted his words and openly admitted his mistake by saying that God had made light of these events.

Many more opportunities arose for the illiterate Mohammed to chop and change his mind and blame God. This is clear in the law of abrogation that is applied to the Koran. It states that when two verses contradict each other, the chronologically later verse is the one that applies. This duality allows Muslims to quote verse of peace from the Koran and falsely claim that Islam is a religion of peace.

Tabari volume 6, page 107: Have you thought upon al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other? (The 3 Goddesses of Mecca) "These are the high flying cranes; verily their intercession is accepted with approval”.

The Recant: Tabari volume 6, page 109, Muhammad what have you done? You have recited to the people that which I did not bring to you from God and you said that which was not said to you." Then the Messenger of God was much grieved and feared God greatly, but God sent down a revelation to him, for He was merciful to him, consoling him and making the matter light for him, informing him that there had never been a prophet or a messenger before him who desired as he desired and wished as he wished but that Satan had cast words into his recitation, as he had cast words on Muhammad’s tongue."

Koran 22:73-75: "They sought to entice you from our revelations - they nearly did -hoping that you might invent some other scripture in our name, and thus become their trusted friend. Indeed had we not strengthened your faith, you might have made some compromise with them and thus incurred a double punishment in this life and in the next. Then you should have found none to help you against us."

Koran 53:19-20: "Have you then considered Lat and ‘Uzza and another, the third, Manat”?

Many that have read the Koran objectively believe that Mohammed suffered everything from delusional behavior, in its mildest form, to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. His child bride Aisha was often concerned at his revelations:

Excerpt from Volume 7, Book 71, Number 661: Narrated 'Aisha:

Magic was worked on Allah's Apostle so that he began to imagine that he had done something although he had not. One day while he was with me, he invoked Allah and invoked for a long period and then said, "O 'Aisha! Do you know that Allah has instructed me regarding the matter I asked Him about?" I asked, "What is that, O Allah's Apostle?" He said, "Two men came to me; one of them sat near my head and the other sat near my feet”.

Ibn Hisham, Al-Tabari and Al-Bukhari are three of the early biographers of Mohammed’s life, with the work of Al-Bukhari considered the most authentic book after the Koran. The Sunni Muslims, which account for up to 90 percent of the 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, hold Al-Bukhari’s word in the highest regard. All biographers have written on Mohammed’s relationship with Satan and the many physical ‘symptoms’ he suffered when receiving a ‘revelation’ from ANY source.

Vin Ienco 11th June 2011.

Countries/ topics in order:

The Fallen, Must Read, Video, USA, Canada, Bahamas, Israel, Britain, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, France, Malta, Germany, Spain, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Yemen, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia, Sudan, Ivory Coast

The Fallen

Lance Cpl. Nicholas S. O’Brien, 21, of Stanley, North Carolina, died June 9, 2011.

Cpl. Matthew T. Richard, 21, of Acadia, Louisiana, died June 9, 2011.

Pfc. Matthew J. England, 22, of Gainesville, Missouri, died June 8, 2011.

Cpl. William J. Woitowicz, 23, of Middlesex, Massachusetts, died June 7, 2011.

Spc. Emilio J. Campo Jr., 20, of Madelia, Minnesota died June 6, 2011.

Spc. Michael B. Cook Jr., 27, of Middletown, Ohio died June 6, 2011.

Spc. Christopher B. Fishbeck, 24, of Victorville, California died June 6, 2011.

Spc. Robert P. Hartwick, 20, of Rockbridge, Ohio died June 6, 2011.

Pfc. Michael C. Olivieri, 26, Chicago, Illinois died June 6, 2011.

Sapper Rowan Robinson 23, from NSW, Australia, died June 6, 2011.

Sgt. Joseph M. Garrison, 27, of New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, died June 6, 2011.

Chief Warrant Officer Kenneth R. White, 35, of Ft Collins, Colorado, died June 5, 2011.

Chief Warrant Officer Bradley J. Gaudet, 31, of Gladewater, Texas, died June 5, 2011.

Rifleman Martin Lamb, 27, of Gloucester, England, died June 4, 2011.

Sgt. Christopher R. Bell, 21, of Golden, Mississippi, died June 4, 2011.

Sgt. Joshua D. Powell, 28, of Quitman, Texas, died June 4, 2011.

Spc. Devin A. Snyder, 20, of Cohocton, New York, died June 4, 2011.

Pfc. Robert L. Voakes Jr., 21, of L’Anse, Michigan, died June 4, 2011.

Cpl. Paul W. Zanowick II, 23, of Miamisburg, Ohio, died June 3, 2011.

Sgt. Jeffrey C. S. Sherer, 29, of Four Oaks, North Carolina, died June 2, 2011.

Detailed Report, [pdf] Global_Jihad_Marches_Report_June_10_2011.pdf

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Senegal: Hundreds Of Muslim Youth Burn Church, Destroy Bar

From Jihad Watch:

Senegal: "Hundreds of Muslim youth" burn church, destroy bar

Senegal has long had a reputation for religious tolerance. Then again, so has Indonesia, demonstrating that no Muslim-majority country is invulnerable to the resurgence of intolerance, deceit, and eventual violence that accompanies a resurgence of interest in Sharia law (see also: Aceh).

Further illustrating the potential erosion of the vaunted tolerance of Senegal, the association of local imams said the head imam had asked the youth to "march" for some reason not named below, and that they "did not endorse the destruction, 'but they do think that the youth had reason'." Such indifference to violence against unbelievers is endemic in other purportedly "moderate" nations, even among those not taking up arms themselves, and it enables those who do.

"Hundreds of Muslim youth in Senegal burn a church, destroy bar in capital neighbourhood," from the Associated Press, June 26 (thanks to Ima Freeman):

DAKAR, Senegal - Witnesses say hundreds of Muslim youths burned a church in a neighbourhood on the northern part of the capital.

Mama Faye, 24, says she and hundreds of others on Sunday went to a Jehovah's Witness church on the fringes of their Yoff neighbourhood and interrupted a sermon with rioting. She says after churchgoers left they burned the church. She says they also destroyed a nearby bar.

Faye says riot police arrived and started clashing with the rioters on the streets.

A doctor at a local hospital said at least 37 people were injured in the clashes. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not permitted to speak to press.

Theirno Mbeugne, spokesman for a local imam association, said the head imam had asked the youth to march. He said the imams did not endorse the destruction, "but they do think that the youth had reason."

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Nigeria: Jihadists Open Fire, Hurl Bombs At Beer Garden, Killing At Least 25

From Jihad Watch:

Nigeria: Jihadists open fire, hurl bombs at beer garden, killing at least 25

Boko Haram targets un-Islamic practices and institutions. They just attacked a beer garden in Maiduguri about two weeks ago, but only killed four that time. The group again lives up to the Ayatollah Khomeini's pronouncement that:

"Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious."

And Boko Haram seems to share Khomeini's mentality from this quotation as well:

“If one permits an infidel to continue in his role as a corrupter of the earth, his moral suffering will be all the worse. If one kills the infidel, and this stops him from perpetrating his misdeeds, his death will be a blessing to him.”

And so over two dozen dead bodies are ever so preferable to the intolerable specter of people enjoying themselves on a hot summer Sunday evening. "Deadly bombing in north Nigeria," from BBC News, June 26:

A bomb attack in the north-eastern Nigerian town of Maiduguri has killed at least 25 people and wounded many more, officials say.

They say they believe the attack, which occurred in a beer garden, was carried out by the Islamic sect Boko Haram.

The group believes Muslims should withdraw from Western society.

It has claimed a number of bombings in north-eastern Nigeria, as well as an attack on police headquarters in the capital Abuja earlier this month.

Two men on motorcycles attacked a packed beer garden late on Sunday, officials said.

"The attackers believed to be Boko Haram members threw bombs and fired indiscriminate gunshots," a police officer told AFP news agency.

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Anglican Bishop Fears Genocide As Sudanese Region Comes Under Sharia Law

From Jihad Watch:

Anglican bishop fears genocide as Sudanese region comes under Sharia law

Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, already wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, has stated his intentions to impose Sharia law and a campaign of cultural and linguistic Arabization on what remains of his country following the independence of South Sudan, which will be official on July 9. Bishop Elnail recognizes what is coming for what it is: "a war of domination and eradication."

"Bishop fears genocide in Sudan," by Karen Peake for Christian Today, June 22 (thanks to Zulu):

The Bishop of Kadugli is calling upon Christians worldwide to pray and fast ahead of South Sudan’s secession next month.

Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail has warned of a possible “genocide” in the Nuba Mountains region, where violence has broken out in recent weeks.

The region, home to many Christians, will remain under the control of Khartoum and the Muslim North when South Sudan gains its independence on July 9.

As Sudanese tanks and artillery move in, hundreds of thousands of Nuba are fleeing their homes and development agencies have withdrawn their staff.

UN officials and eyewitnesses escaping the bloodshed tell of elders being executed by the Sudanese Army and bombing campaigns that have destroyed churches and homes.

With Khartoum ordering the UN peacekeeping mission out, there are serious concerns that atrocities will spiral unchecked across the state of South Kordofan.

“Once again we are facing the nightmare of genocide of our people in a final attempt to erase our culture and society from the face of the earth,” said Bishop Elnail.

“It is not a war between armies that is being fought in our land, but the utter destruction of our way of life and our history, as demonstrated by the genocide of our neighbours and relatives in Darfur.

“This is a war of domination and eradication, at its core it is a war of terror by the government of Sudan against their people.”

He expressed concern for the future of Christians in the North, which President Omar al-Bashir declared will be ruled by Sharia law after July 9.

The bishop said that President al-Bashir’s refusal to recognise the legitimate presence of the Christian minority in the North was a “declaration of their determination to also end the remembrance of our Christian heritage that dates back two thousand years”...

In Khartoum, that would be known as jahiliyyah, trappings of the pre-Islamic period of "ignorance."

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Egypt: More Christian Girls Abducted, Forced To Convert To Islam

From Jihad Watch:

Egypt: More Christian girls abducted, forced to convert to Islam

The more things change in the new, post-revolutionary Egypt, the more they stay the same. As Coptic Pope Shenouda III warned in 1976: "There is a practice to convert Coptic girls to embrace Islam and marry them under terror to Muslim husbands."

Here is another case in the recent surge in disappearances of Christian girls. "Tensions Rise in Egypt Over Two Missing Christian Girls," by Mary Abdelmassih for the Assyrian International News Agency, June 26:

(AINA) -- Tension is escalating over the case of 14-year-old Nancy Magdy Fathy, and her 16-year old cousin Christine Ezzat Fathy, who have disappeared and allegedly converted to Islam. Many parties are being pulled into the row over their future, including Al Azhar, the Church, activists and lately Islamist organizations, which are threatening violence against church.

The story of the missing girls became public after they disappeared while on their way to church on Sunday June 12. A the two day sit-in staged by Copts in front of the Minya Security Headquarters, demanding Nancy and Christine's return, focused attention on their story. Rumors in the media emerged as to their whereabouts, the identity of the perpetrators and whether the girls were actually traded to another Muslims gang.

Nearly two weeks after they disappeared, Nancy and Christine were found in Cairo wearing Burkas. They were incidentally stopped in the street by a police officer when he noticed that one of them had a cross tattooed on her wrist, as many Copts have. The girls told the policeman they converted to Islam and did not marry any Muslims sheikh as the newspapers said, but fearing the wrath of their parents, they sought shelter at the home of a Muslim man. He issued a report of the incident and let them go.

Forced converts have been told before that their parents or families hate them, have rejected them, or will hurt or kill them if they come back -- the same thing happened to Saba and Aneela Masih of Pakistan. It is a revealing projection of Islam's death penalty for apostasy.

Nancy and Christine subsequently surrendered at a Cairo police station.

An investigation into their disappearance was launched, as their parents accused two Muslim brothers from a neighboring village of abducting them. They were also asked about the video clip which appeared on the Internet, taken in Tahrir Square, where Nancy and Christine allegedly converted to Islam.

According to the investigators, the Christian minors said they converted to Islam of their own free will, and refused to return to their families, and even applied for protection from them. The prosecution decided to put them in a state care home and provide protection for them, until the completion of the investigation. Authorities also wanted an Al-Azhar scholar to determine if they really believe in Islam.

This has angered their families, who said their girls are minors and should not be subjected to such procedures. Both families and the Egyptian Federation of Human Rights Organization protested on Saturday, June 25 in front of the office of the prosecutor general, and demanded for their children to be returned to them.

Al Azhar and the Fatwa (religious edict) Committee denied that the two Coptic teenagers had converted to Islam, because they are still minors and have not yet reached 18 years of age, as is required by law. [...]

Nonetheless, the jihadists have their next pretext for violence:

The Egyptian daily newspaper ElYoum7 published a statement from the Islamist "Alliance for the support of New Muslim Women," in which the group threatened to carry out "extended protests" in all governorates in Egypt if Nancy and Christine are returned to the church. The Alliance emphasized in its statement the protests this time will escalate violently: "We will not retreat this time, until each captive is free and out of the monasteries in which they are held as prisoners." The statement also said "We say it openly, that we will not go back again to the era when newly converted Muslim women were delivered to the church, which wants to tempt them away from their religion, or forcibly detain them in reprisal for choosing freely their faith."

In the past the Alliance had staged over 20 demonstrations every Friday in support of Kamilia Shehata, the priest's wife whom they claim converted to Islam but was held captive by the church, despite of Al Azhar confirming that she never set foot there and her appearance twice in public to refute all their claims of her conversion...

Posted by Marisol on June 27, 2011 12:29 AM

Senegal: Spokesman For Imams' Association Caught In A Lie While Making Excuses For Rampage against Jehovah's Witnesses' Kingdom Hall

From Jihad Watch:

Senegal: Spokesman for imams' association caught in a lie while making excuses for rampage against Jehovah's Witnesses' Kingdom Hall

Thierno Mbeugne claimed the Jehovah's Witnesses were handing out not only literature, but crosses. One small problem: one prominent teaching of the religion is that Jesus died hanging from a vertical, pole-like structure, and not a cross in its common understanding as a lowercase "t" shape.

So, what were the Jehovah's Witnesses handing out to Senegalese Muslims, then? Dowels? No, rather, this appears to be a lie expressly made up to incite the rampage, whether the imam got it on hearsay, or made it up himself. An update on this story. "Protesters burn church, destroy bar in Senegal," from the Associated Press, June 26 (thanks to Opinionated for the story, and flagging the cross claim):

Hundreds of Muslim protesters descended on a Jehovah's Witness temple and a bar in a conservative Muslim neighbourhood of the Senegalese capital, setting the buildings on fire.

It was a rare instance of religious extremism in this normally moderate Islamic republic.

Thierno Mbeugne, spokesman for the local imam association, said the head imam in the conservative Yoff district of Dakar had asked the youth to march on Sunday against what they considered as "acts of aggression against their faith".

Copy of The Watchtower = "act of aggression."

They were targeting the temple because they claim its members were proselytising, and the bar because it was selling alcohol.

He said the Islamic religious leaders did not endorse the violence, "but they do think that the youth were right" to destroy the church and the bar.

One of the rioters Mame Faye, 24, explained that the mob set upon the temple while churchgoers were praying inside before setting upon the bar.

Other witnesses, however, said that the hundreds of protesters burst into the establishment and began drinking the cans of beer. They then stripped the building, making off with the refrigerator, the air conditioners and the furniture. Then they set it on fire.

A doctor who spoke on the condition of anonymity said his clinic had treated 37 people, including several wounded police officers. One had a stab wound. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Mbeugne claimed that the head of the temple had been actively trying to convert locals. He said that under the cover of teaching English, she had started handing out crosses and Jehovah's Witness literature.

Posted by Marisol on June 27, 2011 12:34 AM

Muslims Curse The Kuffar 17 Times A Day In Their Prayers...

From Winds of Jihad:

Muslims curse the Kuffar 17 times a day in their prayers…

by sheikyermami on June 26, 2011

Muslim Prayers as Incitement

In Paris, Muslims block the streets every Friday….

Gates of Vienna

This is a refreshing change from all the usual PC cant about Islam. It’s good to see a frank acknowledgement from local Israeli officials of the threat posed by the presence of Muslims within the borders of Israel.

Not on only did the Beersheba municipality state that an active mosque in a Jewish city is a threat to its security, but the mayor even referred to Muslim prayers as “incitement”.

Here’s a report from the International Middle East Media Center:

Mosque in Beersheba to Remain an Islamic Museum

The Beersheba Municipality has rejected a petition by the Bedouin Muslims of the Negev to pray in the old mosque of Beersheba.

The Baseiso mosque was built in 1906 by the Ottoman Empire and served as a mosque until 1950. At that time, the Israelis decided to convert the mosque into a Museum for Islamic and Israeli culture.

The High Court of Justice rejected a petition by the Negev’s Muslim Committee and the Bedouin Rights Protection Foundation to convert the museum into a mosque for local Muslims to use it for prayer.

The Municipality stated that, “an active mosque in the heart of a Jewish city is unthinkable.” They also claimed that converting the museum back into a mosque for public prayer would threaten the city’s security.

Beersheba Mayor Rubik Danilovich stated that, “the city views Muslim prayer as an element of incitement.”

There remains no active center for the five thousand Muslims remaining in Beersheba, which compels them to pray on the street, in other public places, or not at all.

Since 1948, the population of Beersheba is mostly Jewish with no significant Arab population.

Robert Spencer explains:

Now — what about those prayers? In the course of praying the requisite five prayers a day, an observant Muslim will recite the Fatihah, the first surah of the Qur’an and the most common prayer in Islam, seventeen times. The final two verses of the Fatihah ask Allah: “Show us the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast favoured; not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam — cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians.

This is not my interpretation; it comes from the classic Islamic commentaries on the Qur’an. The renowned Qur’anic commentator Ibn Kathir explains that “the two paths He described here are both misguided,” and that those “two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the believer should beware of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth and abiding by it. In comparison, the Jews abandoned practicing the religion, while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why ‘anger’ descended upon the Jews, while being described as ‘led astray’ is more appropriate of the Christians.”

Ibn Kathir’s understanding of this passage is not a lone “extremist” interpretation. In fact, most Muslim commentators believe that the Jews are those who have earned Allah’s wrath and the Christians are those who have gone astray. This is the view of Tabari, Zamakhshari, the Tafsir al-Jalalayn, the Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas, and Ibn Arabi, as well as Ibn Kathir. One contrasting, but not majority view, is that of Nisaburi, who says that “those who have incurred Allah’s wrath are the people of negligence, and those who have gone astray are the people of immoderation.”

Wahhabis drew criticism a few years back for adding “such as the Jews” and “such as the Christians” into parenthetical glosses on this passage in Qur’ans printed in Saudi Arabia. Some Western commentators imagined that the Saudis originated this interpretation, and indeed the whole idea of Qur’anic hostility toward Jews and Christians. They found it inconceivable that Muslims all over the world would learn as a matter of course that the central prayer of their faith anathematizes Jews and Christians.

But unfortunately, this interpretation is venerable and mainstream in Islamic theology. The printing of the interpretation in parenthetical glosses into a translation would be unlikely to affect Muslim attitudes, since the Arabic text is always and everywhere normative in any case, and since so many mainstream commentaries contain the idea that the Jews and Christians are being criticized here. Seventeen times a day, by the pious.

The Hadith also contains material linking Jews to Allah’s anger and Christians to his curse, which resulting from their straying from the true path. (The Jews are accursed also, according to Qur’an 2:89, and both are accursed according to 9:30). One hadith recounts that an early Muslim, Zaid bin ‘Amr bin Nufail, in his travels met with Jewish and Christian scholars. The Jewish scholar told him, “You will not embrace our religion unless you receive your share of Allah’s Anger,” and the Christian said, “You will not embrace our religion unless you get a share of Allah’s Curse.” Zaid, needless to say, became a Muslim.

No Sharia To See Here, Move On: D.C. Gets $700 Million Sharia-Compliant Shopping Centre

From Winds Of Jihad:

No Sharia to see here, move on: D.C. gets $ 700 million sharia compliant shopping centre

by sheikyermami on June 26, 2011

H/T Atlas

This is the next level of imposing Islamic law on the secular marketplace.

A shariah compliant mall on taxpayer land.

The New York Times says here that the property is primarily public property:

Blocks From the President, Developers Plan Big


Published: June 21, 2011



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WASHINGTON — Since the late 1990s, the once-desolate section of downtown Washington east of the White House has undergone a striking transformation. About $10.6 billion has been invested in more than 150 real estate projects. Some 56,000 people now live downtown, up from 38,000 in 2000.

Enlarge This Image


A rendering of City- CenterDC, a $700 million complex under construction in the heart of Washington that is envisioned as a modern-day Rockefeller Center, with a public plaza and a park.



Location of CityCenterDC



Square Feet: Hamptons Hope for an End to the Seasonal Store (June 22, 2011)

And after years of planning, the most ambitious of the downtown projects is finally under way. Construction began in March on CityCenterDC, a $700 million complex envisioned as a modern-day Rockefeller Center, with 2.5 million square feet of office, residential and retail space as well as a public plaza and park. Completion of the bulk of the project is expected in late 2013, according to the two real estate companies, Hines Interests of Houston and Archstone of Englewood, Colo., that won development rights in 2003.

One of the largest downtown projects in the nation, CityCenterDC will fill 10 acres, all city-owned except for the land beneath two condo buildings. Bounded by New York Avenue and 9th, H and 11th Streets NW, the site was once occupied by a convention center that was demolished in 2004 (a year after the larger Walter E. Washington Convention Center was built nearby), leaving a giant parking lot in one of the city’s most desirable locations, only two blocks from two of the busiest Metrorail stations.

“This really is the hole in the doughnut,” said William M. Collins, a senior managing director of Cassidy Turley, a national brokerage, which is not involved in CityCenterDC.

CityCenterDC is one of several major projects around the country that were stalled by the recession. But while construction has yet to begin developments like Grand Avenue in Los Angeles and Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn (except for the Nets basketball arena, where work is under way), CityCenterDC was able to move forward because of a recent $620 million equity investment by the real estate arm of the Persian Gulf state of Qatar. The Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company is now the project’s principal owner.

The complex will be made up of six buildings, 10 and 11 stories in height in keeping with the District of Columbia’s 130-foot height restriction. At their base will be 185,000 square feet of retail stores facing the street. An additional 110,000 square feet of retail space is planned for the project’s second phase, which will also include a luxury hotel.

To integrate the site with its surroundings, the sections of I and 10th Streets that were cut off to make way for the old convention center will be restored. Alleyways, largely restricted to pedestrians, will run between buildings and provide space for smaller stores.

The two office buildings, with a total of 520,000 square feet, and two condominium buildings, with 216 units, were designed by the prominent London architect Norman Foster’s firm, Foster & Partners, whose other projects have included the reconstruction of the Reichstag in Berlin. The two rental apartment buildings, with 458 units, were designed by Shalom Baranes, a local firm that worked on the redevelopment of the Homer building in downtown Washington at 13th and F Streets NW.

Even though nearly 7,000 new rental units are scheduled to be completed in Washington in the next few years, prospects are good for the apartments because of their central location, said Gregory H. Leisch, the chief executive of Delta Associates, a real estate consulting firm that advises Hines and Archstone. Condo prices in the city center have risen 1.8 percent in the past year, to an average of $710 a square foot.

The demand for office space from law firms and other private tenants — the space will be too costly for government tenants, said Bill Alsup, a senior vice president of Hines — is improving, according to Cassidy Turley. But Hines suffered a setback last July, when the national law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom renewed its lease at 1440 New York Avenue NW, rather than fulfilling an earlier plan to lease 350,000 square feet at CityCenterDC. “It would have been very nice to have had a major tenant commitment prior to the start of construction, but it wasn’t critical,” said Mr. Alsup.

Tom Fulcher, an executive vice president at Studley, a brokerage that represents tenants, said most large Washington law firms with leases expiring in 2015 and 2016 had made their real estate decisions because large blocks of space can be scarce in a city without skyscrapers. One exception pursued by the developers is Arnold & Porter, which is searching for about 335,000 square feet. But the project’s biggest challenge, said Jason Jacobson, a group vice president at Archstone, will be getting the retail mix right. Downtown has a lot of “fast fashion, geared toward younger people,” he said. “Our goal is to bring it up a notch.”

Gerry Widdicombe, the director of economic development for the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District, a group that helps to market the neighborhood, estimated that Washington residents spent as much as $1 billion a year in suburban shopping centers because of a dearth of stores within the District of Columbia.

The developers are seeking a mix of stores, including apparel, home furnishings and electronic goods, said Mr. Alsup, whose company developed and manages Galleria malls in Houston and Dallas. About one-third of the space will be limited to stores new to downtown, he said. Mr. Jacobson said some space along the alleys would be made available to local fledgling retailers.

Not surprisingly, the developers are trying to persuade the retailer highest on everyone’s list — Apple, which has one store within the District of Columbia, on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown — to open a much bigger store of 15,000 square feet or more.

John Asadoorian, a regional retail broker, said CityCenterDC’s leasing goals demonstrated how downtown had matured. “Ten years ago, you probably could not have talked about the type of retail they are trying to attract,” he said.

Even before the Qatari investors became involved, Hines and Archstone determined that leasing to banks would not help them create lively shopping streets, Mr. Alsup said. But as it happened, their hesitancy on bank branches meshed with the policies of their financial partners, who adhere to the restrictions of Shariah, or Islamic law, including the ban on collecting interest. Restaurants will be able to serve liquor, but retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol will not be allowed, Mr. Alsup said.

In their marketing materials, Hines and Archstone say they intend to provide “an authentic place for urban residents to socialize outside their homes.”

But some planning specialists have wondered if people in downtown Washington will view the plaza, which will be situated between the condo and rental buildings, as public space for them to enjoy. “Putting the plaza in the middle of a large development just feels more private,” said David Dixon, who is in charge of planning and urban design at Goody Clancy & Associates, a design firm in Boston.

Mr. Jacobson said the developers planned to offer programs in the plaza and would make it welcoming with public art and landscaping. “People will find it to be inviting,” he said. “I realize we have to convince some people. Hopefully, we’ll do a better job over the next year or so.”

A version of this article appeared in print on June 22, 2011, on page B6 of the New York edition with the headline: Blocks From the President, Developers Plan Big.

“CityCenterDC will fill 10 acres, all city-owned except for the land beneath two condo buildings.”

This is the jizya (the poll tax imposed by Islamic supremacists on non-Muslims). City lands and tax abatements used to prohibit bars, liquor and infidel banks? And this hasn’t created a firestorm?

Imposing religious restrictions on public property violates DC’s Human Rights Act. Not to mention violation of the separation of church mosque and state (though under Islam, mosque is state).

Qatari Investors: Huge Downtown Development Project Must Conform to Shariah

by Lydia DePillis Washington City Paper

Read it all:

Washington, DC: Huge Shopping Mall Development Project Must be Shariah Compliant

Qatari Investors: Huge Downtown Development Project Must Conform to Shariah

Posted by Lydia DePillis on Jun. 23, 2011 at 10:28 pm

The New York Times' profile of the CityCenterDC project has mostly nothing new in it if you've been following the huge downtown project at all. But it does include this fascinating nugget about the requirements of its Qatari investors:

Even before the Qatari investors became involved, Hines and Archstone determined that leasing to banks would not help them create lively shopping streets, Mr. Alsup said. But as it happened, their hesitancy on bank branches meshed with the policies of their financial partners, who adhere to the restrictions of Shariah, or Islamic law, including the ban on collecting interest. Restaurants will be able to serve liquor, but retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol will not be allowed, Mr. Alsup said.

In their marketing materials, Hines and Archstone say they intend to provide “an authentic place for urban residents to socialize outside their homes.”

So, no bars or banks for the biggest downtown construction project in recent memory! As Bill Alsup alluded to, banks aren't all that great for a city streetscape, and it's admirable that they planned to forego such a dependable and high-rent-paying tenant. It's less advantageous, though, to not have business devoted primarily to selling alcohol. CityCenterDC is unlikely to be plagued by liquor stores, but it could definitely use a few places to be out at night drinking without getting a full dinner. Could Qatari money turn CityCenterDC into more of a black hole than the last piece of the puzzle in a living downtown?

(Also, I'm really sick of seeing the word "authentic" used in marketing and branding materials—and using it for a brand-new commercial development is particularly meaningless).

(Also I'm thinking about looking into this further—if you've heard any other examples of investors having moral or religious stipulations for the things they fund, drop me a line).

Muslim Polygamy--In Seattle

From Jihad Watch:

Geller: Muslim polygamy – in Seattle

In "Muslim polygamy – in Seattle" at WND today, Pamela Geller offers important revelations about accused jihad plotter Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, and asks why law enforcement officials don't seem concerned about the prevalence of polygamy among Muslims in the U.S.:

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif is accused of plotting a jihad terror attack against a Seattle military recruiting station. Abdul-Latif and another jihadi, Walli Mujahidh, have been charged with planning an attack on the Military Entrance Processing Station. The FBI said that they were trying to figure out "how they could kill the most military personnel and escape or die as martyrs," and talked about throwing fragmentation grenades into the cafeteria of the Station. After his arrest, the local Seattle media interviewed his niqab-wearing wife, Binta Moussa-Davis, who sobbed that Abdul-Latif was devout: "He just good Muslim. Perfect Muslim. He pray five times a day." Abdul-Latif was so devout, in fact, that he was seeking a second wife at a Muslim dating site on the Internet – right in Seattle, where polygamy is supposed to be illegal.

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif was such a "perfect Muslim" that he wanted to travel to Yemen to sit at the feet of the jihad cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki mentored the Fort Hood jihad mass murderer, Nidal Malik Hasan, whom Abdul-Latif wanted to imitate. Devout Muslim al-Awlaki also provided succor and Islamic spiritual guidance to the Christmas underwear bomber and the Times Square car bomber.

Abdul-Latif's YouTube channel features a video in which he asks Allah to "show mercy to the mujahedeen who are fighting to help preserve the religion of Islam, and that he'll help suffice us, those of us who are not fighting right now, and bless those who at least have the desire to go struggle for the cause of Allah … whether that's jihad by hand, jihad by tongue, or jihad within ourselves." He praises al-Awlaki in that video as well.

This "perfect Muslim" and perfect husband also appears as the devout Muslim who placed this ad on a Muslim mate site,, advertising for a second wife. (Nikah is the Islamic term for marriage.) It is interesting how Muslim polygamy is rampant in the United States, and yet no one speaks about it.

This aspiring mass murderer describes his devout self as "very religious." He says:

I am a very dedicated, strong, and intelligent Muslim, and I am looking for a second wife from in [sic] whom [sic] wouldn't mind sharing me with my current wife being that we are in compliance with the sunnah, and want to make a life from the most oppressive place on this earth "America ". I have been in Islam for over 6 years, originally from America, 30 years old, fully obedient to Allah, looking for a wife with intelligence, and who isn't attached to this Dunyaa. If you want more information, than [sic] please contact me.

Dunyaa is this world. Abdul-Latif is saying that he wants a wife who is more spiritually minded – one who would be happy to be the second wife of a devout Muslim mass murderer for Allah.

Abdul-Latif filled in the section headed "About My Expected Life Partner" in this way:

My partner is a strong Muslimah who never stands in between me and my Ebadah [slavery] to Allah, and who has Allah first in every level of life. She is obedient to Allah, her husband, follows Quran and Sunnah to a "T", is accepting of my current wife and son. She is between the ages of 16 and 30 years old, will not ask for an outrageous Mahr [price for buying a bride in Islam]. She is someone who even though it is her right, does not always tries to take from my pocket, is not greedy, is willing to help the household if necessary. Loves to study Islam on a daily basis, is educated, who can be trusted, who wants more children, and last but not least, who's [sic] only goal is to get into the Jannah-Inshallah [Paradise – Allah willing].

Abdul-Latif was openly seeking to enter into a polygamous relationship in Seattle. NPR reported as long ago as May 2008 that "no one knows how many Muslims in the U.S. live in polygamous families. But according to academics researching the issue, estimates range from 50,000 to 100,000 people." According to Refugee Resettlement Watch:

We have had "insiders" tell us that Muslim refugees are coming into the U.S. with multiple wives. The "extra" wives are listed as "sisters" or other close relatives and are settled in the same community as the "husband" by refugee resettlement agencies.

Posted by Robert on June 29, 2011 6:24 AM

U.K.: More Than 2,000 Children "Victims Of Sex Grooming"--Often By Muslim Gangs

From Jihad Watch:

UK: More than 2,000 children "victims of sex grooming" -- often by Muslim gangs

"Asian" is British dhimmi media code for "Muslim." However, the racial breakdown of this study -- "white" and "Asian" -- obscures the possibility that white Muslims could have been involved in some of these cases, and ignores utterly the Islamic legal justification for sex slavery of unbelievers, which has the result of making this sort of exploitation of Infidel children more acceptable. "More than 2,000 children 'victims of sex grooming,'" by Dominic Casciani for BBC News, June 29 (thanks to all who sent this in):

The first UK-wide study of street grooming of children has found more than 2,000 victims of systematic abuse.

The ethnicity of around half the offenders was not known but in the remainder a quarter of offenders were Asian and 38% were white.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) warned against focusing on ethnicity over the issue.

Head of Ceop Peter Davies said many local agencies were failing to give victims the support they needed.

The six-month assessment of the scale of "street grooming" was launched after a high profile case saw a number of Asian men convicted of sexually abusing girls in Derby.

Ceop said it had evidence of 230 gangs, mostly young men, who were identifying and grooming children for systematic sexual abuse. Some groups were large enough to be considered organised crime enterprises that were supplying victims to be raped by paying clients.

"This is a horrific kind of crime," said Mr Davies. "It involves systematic, premeditated rape of children and needs to be understood in those stark terms. It needs to be brought out of the dark."

But Ceop's report said that the available evidence was patchy. The review identified 2,083 victims and 2,379 offenders since the start of 2008.

Investigators were only able to establish reliable information about half of the offenders, the majority of whom were aged between 18 and 24.

In almost a third of the remaining cases, agencies had insufficient information to draw any conclusions about ethnicity. Of those that remained, 38% were white and 26% were Asian.

The report said that the majority of victims were white girls - although in a third of cases the ethnicity was not known.

Earlier this year, the former Home and Justice Secretary Jack Straw said that while offenders came from all backgrounds, there was a specific problem of young Pakistani men targeting white girls because they regarded them as "easy meat".

Peter Davies called for child protection agencies to do more to protect victims - and said that the UK needed more thorough and reliable research into what was going on.

"Focusing on the problem simply through the lens of ethnicity does not do it service," said Mr Davies....

Posted by Robert on June 29, 2011 7:03 AM

Muslim Brotherhood Leader And Former Spokesman In The West Calls For Establishment Of A Global Islamic State

From Jihad Watch:

Muslim Brotherhood leader and former spokesman in the West calls for establishment of a global Islamic state

Caliphate dreams from the Muslim Brotherhood -- and they've never had a better opportunity to transform those dreams into reality than they do now. "Muslim Brotherhood Figure and Former Spokesman in the West: Establish a Global Islamic State," from MEMRI, June 24 (thanks to all who sent this in):

In a June 8, 2011 interview with the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouq, Dr. Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West, called upon the Arab youth to launch a new revolution that would eliminate the borders drawn by imperialist nations and bring about the establishment of a global Islamic state – "called 'The United States of Islam.'" According to Al-Helbawy, the Muslim Brotherhood is active in approximately 80 countries and strives to realize the dream of becoming a global organization.

Following are excerpts from the interview: [...]

"Here I must ask bluntly: Why did Israel say that Mubarak is a strategic treasure? Because his crimes act as a barrier against the resistance and the Muslim Brotherhood. In this atmosphere, it was hard to manage a global organization. Today, there is great hope that we can realize [this goal], since we witnessed the opening of the Muslim Brotherhood's new headquarters, attended by Brotherhood [activists] from all countries.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is organized in 80 countries, and they and the Islamists have a right to establish a global movement, much like global socialism or Zionism..."

"Why Shouldn't We Have A Country Called 'The United States Of Islam'... I Propose That the Arab Peoples... Take To the Streets With the Slogan 'The Arab People Wants To Remove the Borders [Between Its Countries]'

"Q: Regarding the global organization – will a Muslim Brotherhood member associate himself with the [global] movement or with his homeland? And what will happen should there be a contradiction between them?"

"A: There will be no contradictions. Our thinking and our affiliation are to the exalted Allah. Our affiliation is to Islam. The global state of Islam is our ideal...

"How will countries like Bahrain or Qatar defend themselves? Why shouldn't we have a country called 'The United States of Islam,' ruled by a white man or a black man...

"I propose that the Arab peoples who demonstrated for the sake of the revolution, so they could move from the stage of oppression and corruption to the stage of stability and security, organize themselves from now on and set a deadline – five or 10 years – [and] take to the streets with the slogan 'The Arab People Wants to Remove the Borders [Between Its Countries]'... These borders were drawn up by imperialist nations, making our rulers guardians of imperialist borders... [...]

"I say to our Salafi brothers: Why do you focus only on [external] appearance, on the beard, the miswak [tooth-cleaning stick noted in Islamic jurisprudence], and the jilbab [religious garment]? There are many things far more important to Muslim society – chiefly a military industry, which is a means and a tool of jihad, as Ibn Taymiyya said...

"If Ibn Taymiyya were among us, what would he think of [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad's stance against Israel, while Arab rulers protect Israeli embassies and applaud the symbols of the Zionist entity?"

Posted by Robert on June 29, 2011 8:38 AM

The Netherlands: "One Dog Less"--Young Muslims Jeer And Mock At Christian Funerals, Pound Hearse With Their Fists

From Jihad Watch:

Netherlands: "One dog less" -- Young Muslims jeer and mock at Christian funerals, pound hearse with their fists

Why is this tolerated?

Video thanks to Benedict.

Posted by Robert on June 29, 2011 9:06 AM

Toronto: Only Muslims Allowed In Cafeteria On Fridays--Prayer Service In "Public" School

From Jihad Watch:

Toronto: Only Muslims allowed in cafeteria on Fridays -- prayer service in "public" school

The superb Canadian blog Blazing Cat Fur has the details: "Islamic Ritual Prayer Conducted At Toronto District School Board Middle School," June 29:

I received this e-mail from Mark Harding. I phoned Valley Park Middle School, who in a panic directed me to call the TDSB directly @ 416-397-3000. The TDSB "Communications Dept." is so far incommunicado -they are away at a meeting. ....

"Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday.

Every Friday my daughter's school cafeteria changes into a mosque as dozens of Muslim boys and their imams (Islamic preachers) lead Islamic ritual prayers and no one else can even walk through the cafeteria.

Some imams (Islamic preachers) come from the outside of the school and lead Muslim students in the Islamic prayer and this happens at the school Cafeteria after the lunch on Fridays. All other non-Muslims are in classes in the afternoon when they are using the cafeteria as mosque. There is a mosque nearby but the Muslim kids pray in the school

School administration take part preparing the Cafeteria and making it into mosque every Friday and no one but Muslims can use the Cafeteria during the Islamic prayers on Friday....

There is more. Read it all, and contact the school -- Blazing Cat Fur has the contact info.

Islamic Ritual Prayer Conducted At Toronto District School Board Middle School

Update: The Toronto District School Board Teaches That Palestinians did not Celebrate 911.

I received this e-mail from Mark Harding. I phoned Valley Park Middle School, who in a panic directed me to call the TDSB directly @ 416-397-3000. The TDSB "Communications Dept." is so far incommunicado -they are away at a meeting.


"Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday.

Every Friday my daughter's school cafeteria changes into a mosque as dozens of Muslim boys and their imams (Islamic preachers) lead Islamic ritual prayers and no one else can even walk through the cafeteria.

Some imams (Islamic preachers) come from the outside of the school and lead Muslim students in the Islamic prayer and this happens at the school Cafeteria after the lunch on Fridays. All other non-Muslims are in classes in the afternoon when they are using the cafeteria as mosque. There is a mosque nearby but the Muslim kids pray in the school

School administration take part preparing the Cafeteria and making it into mosque every Friday and no one but Muslims can use the Cafeteria during the Islamic prayers on Friday.

And there are a number of other incidents involving Islam and other anti-Christian issues that I complained about, including a white convert to Islam who was a supply teacher and who openly promoted Islam and bashed Christianity last year!"

The school's name is: Valley Park Middle School, and the address is:

130 Overlea Boulevard

Don Mills On, M3C 1B2

Phone: 416 396 2465


"Mark, my other two kids also go to a different public primary school and the snack for all the kids in this primary school is all "Halal". My wife complained about it and she was told she can prepare her own snack for our kids but the school would not drop the Halal menu for all the students. All the school kids in this primary school have to eat halal snacks whether they are Muslim or not"

Update: It is confirmed thanks to reader Munimula, the Valley Park Middle School cafeteria is turned into a mosque and a local Imam is brought in to lead the children in worshipping Allah:

"Prayer Service, the school is providing a venue for the Muslim student’s to have prayers at school on Fridays. An Imam from the neighbouring mosque comes to our school and conducts the prayers. Prior to this, students signed out early on Friday afternoons to go to mosque. By staying at school, valuable instructional time is saved for our students."

>> Posted by Blazing Cat Fur at 1:50 PM

Posted by Robert on June 29, 2011 1:14 PM

Virginia Representative Wolf Requests IRS Probe Into CAIR Donations In Light Of Filing Problems

From Act! For America:

Virginia Rep. Wolf Requests IRS Probe Into CAIR Donations in Light of Filing Problem

Published June 28, 2011


Rep. Frank Wolf speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill Jan. 18.

A Virginia congressman wants the IRS to investigate the Council on American-Islamic Relations -- a major Muslim advocacy group -- after its tax-exempt status was revoked over an apparent problem with its paperwork.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., in a letter to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, requested an investigation into whether the group "may have violated U.S. law in soliciting or accepting money from foreign governments or agents" during the period when CAIR "failed" to file required forms to the IRS.

It's unclear exactly what CAIR failed to file. The group was included earlier this month on a list of 275,000 organizations that the IRS said were losing tax-exempt status because they did not file annual reports for three consecutive years as required by law.

Reached for comment last week, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper described the matter as a "technical paperwork issue" and said CAIR was trying to sort it out with the IRS.

Hooper told that the organization's accountant says CAIR "filed promptly in the last several years." He said the status problem stems from "questions" over filings dating back to 2006 or 2007.

"We'll be doing whatever's necessary ... to rectify the situation," Hooper said.

But Wolf cited concern about the possibility of CAIR improperly seeking foreign donations. His request to Shulman cited a purported letter from CAIR Director Nihad Awad to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi in 2009 asking for his support in launching a "Muslim Peace Foundation" -- that letter would have been sent long before Qaddafi launched attacks on his own people, triggering a NATO-led military campaign to protect civilians. CAIR officials have since come out against Qaddafi.

Wolf also claimed to have "information" indicating CAIR representatives "may have" traveled to Sudan to seek donations from President Omar Bashir.

"I am concerned that Awad and CAIR may be soliciting -- and receiving -- funds from other unsavory foreign governments and organizations, including some that may be sponsors of terror," Wolf wrote.

The required IRS annual reports typically include information about a group's donations and other sources of revenue, as well as expenses, activities, investments and compensation of employees. Revenue information would include a breakdown of how much money is coming from various sources like membership dues and fundraising events, but not necessarily information on specific donors.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Egyptian School Curriculum: Jews And Christians Are Infidels

From Jihad Watch:

Egyptian school curriculum: Jews and Christians are infidels

Who came out against reform last year? The "moderate," "largely secular" Muslim Brotherhood. "'Egyptian curricula states Jews, Christians are infidels'," by Oren Kessler for the Jerusalem Post, June 28:

Egypt’s school curriculum, laden with anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiment, must undergo drastic reform to comply with international standards, according to a new report to be presented this week at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“Egypt has to conduct fundamental reforms in its curricula, which present a national identity based solely on the Islamic religion,” said Yohanan Manor, chairman and co-founder of the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), the Jerusalembased [sic] think-tank that compiled the report

“Egypt’s schools present Islam as the ‘only true faith,’ and believers in other religions – including Coptic Christians – as infidels,” he said.

Manor and his colleagues will present the report at the conference, “School Textbooks in the Greater Middle East: National Identity and Images of Self and Other,” to be held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hebrew University’s Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.

A year before the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s government announced plans for comprehensive reforms to “purge school curricula of erroneous views and material that incites extreme violence.”

The government’s first step was to remove references to “jihad in God’s name.” These changes, the report found, have fallen far short of the comprehensive reform Cairo had pledged.

Anti-Coptic violence in Egypt reached a crescendo over the past six months. A bomb in an Alexandria church on Christmas Day last year killed 21 people, and anti-Christian attacks have grown in scope and frequency since Mubarak’s resignation in February. The new report by IMPACT-SE, formerly the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, found that internecine violence is fueled largely by education.

But contradictory messages also run deeply through Egypt’s education system. In many textbooks Copts are denigrated as infidels, yet in those same works are praised for participating in Egypt’s independence campaigns throughout history. Students are taught that the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament are holy books, but also taught that those same texts were “forgeries” penned by non-Muslims.

Therefore, in order to get an education, non-Muslim children in Egypt are a captive audience to being called infidels, forgers, and worse.

“Egyptian textbooks define Christians and Jews as infidels,” Manor said. “A year ago, Egyptian authorities admitted as much in a joint conference by Education Minister Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badreldin and the grand mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gomaa.”

In April of last year, he said, the two officials announced reforms to purge the curricula of Quranic verses “encouraging jihad and the murder of polytheists and infidels.”

The press conference sparked an uproar in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood flatly rejected any talk of education reform, while several news outlets took positions in favor....

Posted by Marisol on June 28, 2011 7:03 AM

Sharia In Indonesia: "Obedient Wives Club" Pretext For Legalizing Polygamy

From Jihad Watch:

Sharia in Indonesia: "Obedient Wives Club" pretext for legalizing polygamy

"Good women are obedient....As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them." -- Qur'an 4:34

"And if ye fear that ye will not deal fairly by the orphans, marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess. Thus it is more likely that ye will not do injustice." -- Qur'an 4:3

"If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning." -- Sahih Bukhari 4.54.460

"By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself [to him for sexual intercourse] she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel's saddle." -- Ibn Majah 1854

Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia: "'Obedient wives club'", pretext for legalizing polygamy in Indonesia," by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, June 28 (thanks to Block Ness):

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Civil society is divided between those in favour and against, the ruling class has expressed concern, while the fundamentalist Islamic wing strongly supports the initiative. What is certain is that the birth in Indonesia - after Malaysia – of the Obedient Wives Club (OWC), an organization in which women are completely subject to their husbands, even regarding their sexual demands, has not passed unobserved. Critics point out that the foundation of the club is only a "pretext" to legitimize polygamy in the country, opposed by the majority of the population and outlawed by former President Suharto, in power from 1967 to 1998.

On 19 June KlubTaat Suam Global Ikhwan was born, under the leadership of President Gina Puspita. The group has 50 women members already, even though the association claims about 300 have joined. The purpose is to teach Indonesian women how to be "good wives" in the eyes of the family and husband and at the same time reinforce the principles of the Islamic faith in wives.

For Mrs. Puspita, head of the club, the real aim is to inculcate in women the desire to "accept" polygamy, if the case is decided by the husband. And to do that, the president uses the example of the car: the husband is the driver and the woman should assume the attitude of "good" a passenger, in short faithful, submissive and obedient.

The attempt to introduce Islamic law through the principle of polygamy in Indonesia - opposed by civil society and prohibited by law - is denounced by women's rights activists. They remember how the OWC is the fruit of the same “source” that in 2009, gave birth to the controversial Polygamy Club, which was founded by conservative and fundamentalist Islamic group with ties to Global Ikhwan in other countries including Thailand and Singapore.

The powerful Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has supported the establishment of the clubs and states that it is not contrary to the dictates of Sharia, or Islamic law. Gusrizal Gazahar, deputy head of the MUI of Padang in West Sumatra province, said that "it is the duty of every Muslim woman to obey her husband in everything."...

Posted by Robert on June 28, 2011 7:47 AM

U.S. Ambassador To Qatar: "Centrality Of The Palestinian-Israeli Issue To Mideast A Myth", Wants To See "Islamic Renaissance"

From Jihad Watch:

U.S. Ambassador to Qatar: "Centrality of the Palestinian-Israeli issue" to Mideast a "myth," wants to see "Islamic renaissance"



"The biggest myth is the centrality of the Palestinian-Israeli issue to the region"

He might rue the day he longed for such a renaissance. But Ambassador LeBaron has no doubt imbibed many prevailing historical myths -- tolerant Muslim Spain; tolerant Ottoman Empire; 1001 Muslim inventions; the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is over land, and has nothing to do with Islam's antisemitism and jihad doctrine; jihad is an interior spiritual struggle, and more -- that have led him to this view. No one has told him, and he has never read, about the jihad imperative to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers, or about the fact that non-Muslims have never enjoyed and can never enjoy equality of rights with Muslims in an Islamic state. So absent all that, what's not to like about an Islamic renaissance?

"U.S. Ambassador Joseph LeBaron: 'The Arab Spring is the Start of a Long, Uncertain Path to Structural Change in the Middle East,'" from Arabic Knowledge@Wharton, June 28:

[...] Arabic Knowledge@Wharton: What myths about the Middle East has the Arab Spring dispelled?

LeBaron: I think that the biggest myth is the centrality of the Palestinian-Israeli issue to the region. What we saw, first in Tunisia and then elsewhere, was extraordinarily revealing: Arabs focused on Arab issues in Arab states without reference to the United States, or Israel, or foreign policy. The focus was not outward but inward, on governance, the relationship between government and its citizens, on domestic reform associated with government, social justice, human rights, and the freedom of expression. That was extraordinary.

For decades, the assumption both inside and outside the region has been that the key to peace and stability in the region was a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue. But what 2011 has showed us is there are other issues of structural importance to peace and security in the Middle East.

Of course, there's great interest in the Palestinian-Israeli issue throughout the region. But the region moves in response to things far beyond this single issue that so convulses the Levant. If you look at the region, from Morocco to the Gulf, you'll see that other important forces are at play. We cannot ignore those. [...]

Arabic Knowledge@Wharton: Most of the oil-rich Gulf nations are trying to reduce their economic dependence on natural resources. What's your sense of that transition and where you do see it going?

LeBaron: Let me give you a 30-year perspective. Since I first came to the Gulf in 1980, I have seen the Gulf states pursue a pattern of growth that is leading, whether consciously or unconsciously, towards a highly ambitious goal: a renaissance of Arab and Islamic thought in science and technology. It's extraordinary, actually. The amazing thing is that both the resources and, increasingly, the vision are there to accomplish this renaissance....

Posted by Robert on June 28, 2011 10:44 PM

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf: "If Christians Were To Regard Muslims As Unitarians With An Arabic Liturgy," Many Of America's Problems With The Muslim World Would Be Solved

From Jihad Watch:

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf: "If Christians were to regard Muslims as Unitarians with an Arabic liturgy," many of America's problems with Muslim world would be solved

Hardcore Leftist dhimmi pseudo-journalist David Weigel here casts the Islamic supremacist Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf as a victim, lamenting that Rauf "got a brutal reminder of what happens when idealism meets religion and politics" and "went through the ringer" over the Ground Zero Mosque initiative. Meanwhile, the pitiable victim is so marginalized that his event in Colorado was attended by Paul Bremer, the former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq -- another influential figure who is clueless about the global jihad and Islamic supremacism.

True to form, Weigel doesn't tell his unthinking Leftist marks at Slate what Pamela Geller explains here:

It is clear that Rauf and other mosque leaders are not as moderate as they claim to be. Rauf has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood...The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated, according to a captured internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” Rauf’s book What’s Right with Islam says on the copyright page that “this edition was made possible through a joint effort of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the office of Interfaith and Community Alliance of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Funding for this project was provided by IIIT.” Both IIIT and ISNA are Muslim Brotherhood fronts, and ISNA was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding case.

Rauf refused to condemn Hamas until the public outcry became too great for him to ignore. He was a prominent member of the Perdana organization, which bankrolled the jihad flotilla sent against Israel last year, on which the "peaceful" passengers were chanting a genocidal and antisemitic Islamic jihad chant.

Also, Rauf has said that “the US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end.” He has claimed that “Western active involvement in shaping the internal affairs of Islamic societies have contributed to the creation of terrorism done in the name of Islam.” In other words, defending ourselves against jihad terrorism just creates jihad terrorism, so we should stop defending ourselves.

Rauf has carried his blame game even farther, claiming: “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims.” He even said on 60 Minutes shortly after 9/11 that Osama bin Laden was “made in the USA."

The Arabic translation of Rauf’s book What's Right with Islam is disturbingly entitled A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of Post-9/11 America. This indicates that he has planned for years to spread Islam and Sharia from the site of the 9/11 attacks -- belying his more recent claims that he intends the mosque to be a center for reconciliation and peace.

Geller adds: "In his book, Rauf supports and justifies Sharia law, and calls for restrictions on free speech in America. He has written another book that has gotten little notice: Islam: A Sacred Law—What Every Muslim Should Know About Sharia. In it he explains why God’s law is superior to manmade law, or that is, why Sharia is better than democracy."

Geller also notes that Rauf "snagged more than $2 million in public financing to renovate low-income apartments" that he owned in New Jersey, but never made the renovations. Where is that money?

He has also been completely dishonest about the mosque project itself. Now it is a community center nowhere near Ground Zero, but when it was initially announced Rauf was forthright, saying: “New York is the capital of the world, and this location close to 9/11 is iconic.” That statement has now been scrubbed from the online version of the New York Times article in which it initially appeared.

Rauf even threatened America over this project, saying that if the mosque were not built, “if we don’t do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world....If we don’t handle this crisis correctly, it could become something very dangerous indeed.”

But to Dave Weigel, he is a poor victim. Pity poor Rauf! And pity even more the Slate readers who fall for this nonsense.

"Park51, Reconsidered," by David Weigel in Slate, June 28:

ASPEN, Col. -- I stopped by a luncheon here to listen to a guest who, since the last Ideas fest, got a brutal reminder of what happens when idealism meets religion and politics. He was Feisel Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba Initiative, who went through the ringer in 2010 when his hopes to build a Muslim community center near Ground Zero gave us the "Ground Zero mega-mosque" frenzy. (Rauf cheekily used that term to refer to the controversy.)

"Wherever I go in the Muslim world," he said, "it's the first question people want to ask me." In the Arab world, he said, people were dazzled by the story. "When President Obama gave speech on Ramadan, the banner headline in the Egyptian Gazette was" Obama supports GZ Mosque. The narrative, in some important ways, gave [America] a boost."

That word, "narrative," seemed to come up in Rauf's every other sentence. Many of America's problems with the Muslim world could be solved with a narrative shift. "if Christians were to regard Muslims as Unitarians with an Arabic liturgy," he said, quoting himself tongue-in-cheekly, "perhaps we'd get over some of this." And "we need films to show Muslims in a positive light. I've commissioned three scripts."...

Maybe he could commission a few Unitarians to blow themselves up in crowds of non-Unitarians; that would do a world of good to help the Christians that Rauf has in mind start equating Muslims with Unitarians.

Posted by Robert on June 28, 2011 11:29 PM