Thursday, February 9, 2012

New SION/AFDI billboard counters Islamic supremacist whitewash of Sharia

From Jihad Watch:

New SION/AFDI billboard counters Islamic supremacist whitewash of Sharia


Here is a terrific piece in WND about our new SION/AFDI billboard campaign, a response to Muslim Brotherhood-linked ICNA's deceptive pro-Sharia campaign. Pamela Geller has more here and here. "Billboard offers defense to Shariah threats: 'They don't want Americans to know truth about gendercide, honor killings, stonings,'" by Michael Carl in World Net Daily, February 7:
A patriotic organization is launching a billboard campaign intended to undermine the efforts to advertise and promote Shariah, the Islamic law that calls for beheadings, executions and amputations, across America.
The group, Stop Islamization of Nations, is buying ad space for a billboard calling on people to learn the dark side of Shariah law.
The effort’s leader, Pamela Geller, says her group, has one real purpose – to counter the impact of the pro-Shariah billboard campaign of the Islamic Circle or North America, an alleged Muslim Brotherhood front organization.
“ICNA is a Muslim Brotherhood group, according to a captured internal document of the Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood groups in America are trying to norm Shariah, mainstream Shariah,” Geller warned.
The billboard will lead people to the Refuge from Islam site.
“The Muslim Brotherhood group ICNA needs to lie to Americans about Shariah and advance a false narrative about the most extreme and radical ideology on the face of the earth. Period,” Geller said.
“They don’t want Americans to know the truth that the gendercide of honor killings, the clitorectomies, the stonings, and the 1,400 years of cultural annihilations and enslavements are all Sharia-mandated,” Geller said.
Geller said that people asking the ICNA tough questions about Shariah will be ineffective.
“People telling ICNA facts on the phone won’t do any good. We need to counter this campaign publicly. We must educate America and arm freedom lovers with facts,” Geller said.
Geller says Muslims have to take a bold step to truly become Americans.
“The U.S. should be calling upon Muslim groups in America to renounce and reject Shariah if they want to be American citizens,” Geller said.
Geller’s billboard campaign directly opposes the ICNA’s Kansas City pro-Shariah billboard project.
The Islamic Circle’s billboard at Interstate 70 and 38th Street in Kansas City, Kan., says, “Shariah: Got questions? Get answers? Call 1-855-Shariah.
The Islamic Circle of Kansas City chapter website says the campaign was launched to defend “religious freedom” and promote understanding of Shariah.
The group’s website says the campaign is broader than a single sign along the highway.
“During this campaign, which will run from Jan. 23 until Feb 19, 2012, ICNA-KC will air messages on Shariah through KMBZ 980 AM radio and post a billboard on Shariah at I-70 and 38th street,” the ICNA said.
“The campaign messages are expected to reach over 200,000 people per week. The messages will invite the public to call the 1-855-SHARIAH hotline or visit our website to learn and ask questions about Shariah and Islam. Visitors to the website and callers to the hotline can request a free copy of the English translation of the Quran and other free literature on Islam and Shariah,” the group said.
ICNA Kansas City spokesman Riyaz Lareef declined to respond to questions from WND.
But Jihad Watch publisher and Islam analyst Robert Spencer said the ICNA campaign is an effort to muddy the waters on Islam.
“ICNA is trying to whitewash Shariah, to hoodwink Americans into thinking that concerns about it are all due to ‘misconceptions’ that can easily be cleared up,” Spencer said.
Spencer adds that any inquiries about Shariah’s darker side will receive soft replies.
“I expect that if any inquirers asked about stonings, amputations, the denial of the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for women and non-Muslims, they’ll be told that none of that is really part of Shariah,” Spencer said.
“ICNA’s goal is to foster complacency and ignorance about Shariah on the part of Americans,” Spencer said. “I don’t think people phoning in with questions like that will rattle ICNA. Only a counter-campaign calling attention to those aspects of Sharia would accomplish that.”
Spencer echoes the reason Geller gives for her group’s campaign.
“The U.S. should be undertaking its own campaign to raise awareness about how Shariah is incompatible with constitutional freedoms, and calling upon Muslims in America to reject those aspects of it,” Spencer said....

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