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Sweden: Launching the Swedish Free Press Society under police protection

From Jihad Watch:

Sweden: Launching the Swedish Free Press Society under police protection

The Free Press Society is dedicated to protecting free speech. They mainly work to remove laws that limit free speech and to fight what they see as the greatest threat to freedom of speech: Islam.
I recently posted an article that described the degree of political correctness in the Swedish media and the amount of troubles with Muslims in Sweden - "Swedish specialty: Pink pixellation of dark-skinned criminals and pixellated anonymization of wanted criminals".
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A Swedish branch of the Free Press Society has long been needed. Translated from The South Swedish, January 31: "There Exists a Mental Stalinism in our Country":
Malmö. Inspired by the Free Press Society of Denmark, the Swedish Free Press Society held its first meeting in Malmo on January 31, 2012.
Immigration and Swedish journalists were on the firing line. Speakers included Lars Hedegaard, who has been convicted by a Danish court for his verbal attacks against Muslims.
"There is a mental Stalinism in our country. A politically correct terrorism destroying our country." This statement by journalist Gunnar Sandelin summed up the feelings of many visitors at the Swedish Free Press Society's first meeting, in the Youth Center in Malmö on Tuesday evening.
"Come and listen to what you may never see, hear or read about in the Swedish media!," it said on the invitation.
Tonight's topic: immigration.
One hundred pre-registered visitors were told by the founder of the Swedish branch, Malmö journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, that the Society will take up 'all the subjects that are taboo.'
Four speakers were invited, all journalists: Danish Lars Hedegaard and Mikael Jalving, Norwegian Hans Rustad, and Swedish Gunnar Sandelin. They all had a similar message: Swedish journalists are cowards and the problems with immigration are swept under the carpet.
Since the Free Press Society started in 2004 in Denmark, it has become known for its harsh criticism of Islam and Muslims. The chairman, 69-year-old Lars Hedegaard, was convicted in May last year for breaking the Danish racism paragraph, the equivalent of the Swedish law on incitement to racial hatred.
"When Swedish girls are raped, mass raped [by Muslims], there is nothing wrong with it seen from an Islamic perspective. It is their right," said Hedegaard in an interview that 2009 has been published on the site ...
In Malmö last night Lars Hedegaard just said that Islam is the most dangerous threat to the West, and that many Muslims are "not satisfied until their religion rules over all others."
"We must be able to discuss such things freely. Therefore, the Free Press Society is important," Hedegaard said, and wished his Swedish colleague Ingrid Carlqvist good luck.
Many Swedish Democrats were in the audience, among them the Regional Council Jens Leandersson, Ted Ekeroth and Hans-Olof Andersson, chairman of SD Lund.
A large amount of police officers patrolled the neighbourhood around the Youth Centre. Even more appeared when the artist Lars Vilks (known for his drawing of Muhammed as a dog) turned up with his entourage of agents from Säpo, the Swedish secret police.

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