Friday, December 23, 2011

Egypt: Salafi "youths" say Sharia "appreciates" Christians like nothing else

From Jihad Watch:

Egypt: Salafi "youths" say Sharia "appreciates" Christians like nothing else

Insofar as Sharia has been formally and informally enforced on Egypt's Christians, it has been beyond deplorable. How could more of it be an improvement? Oh, but they would do it "right," and this time would be "different." Sharia never works as advertised, but it does work as it was designed -- to dominate and subjugate.

You'll understand if Christians don't appreciate how Sharia "appreciates" them. "Egypt- Salafi youth answer questions on Copts, women, tourism," from MENAFN, December 4:

(MENAFN – Youm7) — After a fierce first phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections across nine governorates, questions are being asked of Salafi principles regarding Coptic Christians, women and tourism.

The Salafi youth posted on Facebook and tweeted their replies to the questions posed.

Regarding the Copts issue, the youth said Copts are Muslims’ partners in Egypt and Islam appreciates Coptic Christians. They posted, “this appreciation will not be found except under Islamic Sharia.” The youth blamed recent incidents against Copts on those who claim to be protecting Egypt.

As for tourism, the youth noted in a statement that al-Nour party aims to benefit from this sector through tourism like therapeutic and religious tourism and conferences. The youth asked “Why do we make our country a place for the west’s dirt?”

As for being accused of prohibiting political work, they said they offer the best approach for legitimate policy, taken from Prophet Mohamed’s Prophetic Biography and from the Caliphate.

They also said they will apply Article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution which indicates that any law opposing Islamic Sharia will be null and invalid, according to the Supreme Constitutional Court verdict issued in 1996.

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