Friday, December 23, 2011

Saudi Arabia arrests Ethiopian Christians for prayer meeting, but charges them with "mixing with opposite sex"

From Jihad Watch:

Saudi Arabia arrests Ethiopian Christians for prayer meeting, but charges them with "mixing with opposite sex"

The Saudis apparently fear the international opprobrium that could come upon them if they charge these Christians simply with holding a Christian prayer meeting, which is, in fact, illegal in the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places. This shows again the brittleness of Islamic supremacism: Islamic supremacists cannot stand to be challenged. That's why they have to try to shut down Western freedom of speech. That's why they do not and cannot answer the arguments that anti-jihadists bring forth, but instead sling ad hominems and abuse. And that's why they're hiding the persecution of these Christians behind the fig leaf of "mixing with the opposite sex" charges: the whiff of immorality is something they hope will blunt religious conservatives' outrage at their persecution of Christians.

This brittleness and fear, however, shows that we have to keep pushing. We have to keep speaking the truth and standing for human rights. The Islamic supremacists know they can't defend their positions, and so have to try to hide what they're doing and shout us down. But the more we expose them, the weaker they get.

An update on this story. "Saudi Arabia Arrests Ethiopian Christians For 'Mixing With Opposite Sex,'" from International Christian Concern, December 21 (thanks to Wimpy):

Washington, D.C. (December 21, 2011)-International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the Ethiopian Christians who were arrested seven days ago in Saudi Arabia for holding a prayer meeting are now being charged by Saudi officials with mixing with the opposite sex. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for men and women (non-family) to be in the same room together.

The six men and 29 women were holding a weekly prayer meeting on December 15 when the Saudi police arrested them. Christian leaders say that the accusation of “mixing with the opposite sex” is only an excuse, and believe that the Christians were arrested for practicing their faith. The Christians have not yet been brought before any court.

“The Saudi officials are accusing the Christians of committing the crime of mixing of sexes because if they charge them with meeting for practicing Christianity, they will come under pressure from the international human rights organizations as well as Western countries. In fact, when an employer of one of the detainees asked for the reason for their employee’s arrest, the Saudi official told him that it was for practicing Christianity,” said a church leader from Saudi Arabia in an interview with ICC....

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