Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bear Grylls supports new sharia-compliant girl scout uniform for Muslims

From Creeping Sharia:

Bear Grylls supports new sharia-compliant girl scout uniform for Muslims

Disappointment from Bear Grylls who was a member of England’s special forces. viaBBC News – Muslim girl scouts get new uniform.
Girl scouts have a new choice of uniform following requests from scout members from the Muslim community.
The new, specially designed clothing range includes “hoodie” and T-shirt dresses, which are styled on a more modest design.
Clearly the girl scout uniform worn by infidels was immodest and haram. 
Both are knee-length, and include print graphics inspired by scout badges and the spirit of adventure.
Around 600 Muslim girls are expected to benefit, although the range is being made available to all scouts.
British designer Sarah Elenany, 27, from London, created the new range out of her fashion label Elenany.
She said she aimed to make them fun to wear, so that youngsters would relax while doing activities.
“I wanted the scouts to be really involved in the design process – the girls told me what they wanted to wear and what issues they had with the existing range,” she said.
It’s about to get Orwellian in here.
The range aims to highlight how the scouts are modernising, increasing diversity and responding to members.
UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: “With this new clothing range, scouting is continuing to move with the times and adapt to the growing number of people from different communities who are choosing to be a part of the movement.
Move with the times? If by moving with the times he means the Islamization of England.
“Scouting has something to offer everyone, no matter your religion, ethnicity or belief, and I’m so proud that we offer an environment for people of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy themselves.”
And Muslims come into that environment and rather than wear the same uniform as the infidel Girl Scouts, they segregate themselves. They might be better off starting their own organization.
What’s next, will the Girl Scouts be promoting child marriages and polygamy?
Note: There is a reason it’s called a “uniform.”

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