Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Switzerland: Muslim girls have to swim

From Europe News:

Switzerland: Muslim girls have to swim

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger March 27, 2012
The Swiss Federal Court has dismissed an action by a Muslim family who wanted to keep their daughters out of religious reasons, from swimming lessons. The supreme court affirmed the country to a landmark ruling from the year 2008.
LAUSANNE - The Swiss Federal Court rejected the appeal of a Muslim parent couple who wanted to send his two daughters to mixed swimming lessons. Like the Swiss television reported on Monday next, were the parents of the competent canton of Basel-City with 1,400 francs (equivalent to 1160 euros) fine were occupied. The Federal Court in Lausanne saw no interference with the freedom of religion and conscience, and confirmed the penalty notice.
The 2008 seven-and nine-year-old girls were absent from the mandatory swimming lessons at primary school. In their unsuccessful appeal, the parents had argued that its strict Muslim faith forbids common swimming classes for boys and girls. The text of the Koran requires the covering of the female body, but only from the onset of sexual maturity. An Islamic-oriented education prohibits mixed swimming lessons but before puberty, to prepare the children for the later rules. (...)

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