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CSU San Bernardino students wear hijabs to experience what Muslims go through

From Jihad Watch:

CSU San Bernardino students wear hijabs to experience what Muslims go through
“Walk in our shoes for a little bit to see what we go through.” Heavens to betsy! What do these poor Muslim students at Cal State San Bernardino go through? Is the campus patrolled by roving bands of greasy Islamophobes, spitting on poor pious hijabis and cackling demonically as they pull off their hijabs? Are they denied a seat at the lunch counter by a clerk who points wordlessly to a sign: "NO MUSLIMS SERVED"? Are they kidnapped, raped, forced to convert to Christianity, as Christian girls in Egypt are with alarming regularity kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam?

Not quite. Has the young woman who claimed it would be good for non-Muslims to see what Muslims go through actually ever experienced hatred or discrimination? “Personally, myself, no, thank God."

Probably these faux hijabis found that people on the hyper-PC campus became extra solicitous toward them.

Victimhood Manipulation Update: "Students Challenged To Wear Muslim Head Scarves On Campus," by Greg Mills for CBS Los Angeles, November 9:

SAN BERNARDINO (CBS) — Students at California State University San Bernardino were challenged to wear traditional Muslim head scarves this week in a campaign that many people hoped would change attitudes.
Corinna Ordonez, a Catholic, was one of the students who took on the challenge, dressing in a traditional Muslim head scarf called a Hijab.

“I’m looking at them and I wonder how other people look at them and if they judge them. Things like that, so I wanted to try it,” she said.

That was exactly the idea behind the Muslim Student Association’s “Take the Hijab Challenge,” which they issued to students at CSUSB.

“Walk in our shoes for a little bit to see what we go through,” said Naheed Sahak, who believes there are common misconceptions in the U.S. regarding people, who are Muslim.

She said that many women in our country, who wear a Hijab, get negative and in some cases hostile reactions....

The few people I spoke with also said that they honestly have never experienced any negative reactions to wearing the scarves, which cover much of the head.

“Personally, myself, no, thank God,” Sahak said.

Ordonez said that she spent about an hour working on her hair in the morning, but did not mind covering it up to take the challenge. She was joined by more than 200 women over a two-day period

Ordonez wore it around campus and expected to get a lot of dirty looks.

“Most of the reaction that I got was people trying not to look at me. If they looked at me kind of by accident, they [would] look down,” she said.

Thursday the [Muslim Brotherhood-linked] Muslim Student Association planned to show videos of those who took the challenge and recorded reactions, followed by a question and answer session.

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