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Green Wall of Islam -- Sharia is coming

From Jihad Watch:

Green Wall of Islam -- Sharia is coming
The clouds are gathering, not only over the Middle East, but also over the Caucasus. If Israel is under the threat of missile bombardment from Muslims in Middle Eastern states, then Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are under terrible political, economic, and religious pressure from those states.

The Iranian and Turkish military and political machine are moving with rapid steps toward Islamic supremacy. And to achieve this goal, the leadership of these countries are using all the cards that they have in their hands.

Here are the trump cards in the hands of Muslims. The most important of these cards are the jihadists loyal to the governments of the Caucasian republics. The governments of these countries, although they declare their support for the pro-American stance of NATO, in fact, are not opposed to the political, economic and military development of the Northern Caucasus by Turkey and Iran.

The problem is that the Georgian government is not only sympathetic to the Muslims. After the conclusion of economic agreements with Iran and Turkey (about which I wrote in my previous article), it has now entered into an agreement with Egypt. Egypt is a country where the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists won a parliamentary majority, and probably will put up a single candidate in the presidential election. In short, Egypt looks as if it is positioning itself to be a central part of the coming attempt to reestablish the caliphate.

Many are unaware of the terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in Georgia, although the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and many senior officials in Israel have repeatedly expressed concern about the involvement of Iran and its leadership in these terrorist acts.

Although Azerbaijan is showing more loyalty to Israel than any other Islamic state, nonetheless the Iranian and Turkish presence is growing. On March 12, Azerbaijan's Defense Minister Safar Abiyev made an official visit to Tehran.

The first thing he did was commemorate the Ayatollah Khomeini. He laid a wreath at his tomb. On Tuesday he met with Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, reported IRNA. During the meeting, Salehi said that Iran was interested in expanding relations with Azerbaijan.

After that, the Azerbaijani Defense Minister met with the representative of Iran's spiritual leader and the secretary of the National Security Council Saeed Jalili, who said: "The security of Iran and Azerbaijan are interrelated, and the effect of some issues on the relations between Azerbaijan and Iran is unacceptable." The two sides underlined the importance of improving relations between the two countries. This was a striking diplomatic move on Iran's part after Azerbaijan and Israel had signed a military deal worth 1,600,000 U.S. dollars.

A few days earlier, Turkey's presidential adviser on the Middle East, Hurmyuzlyu Ershad, commenting on the issue of a possible attack on Iran by Israel and the United States, said that Turkey does not support any invasion of Iran by any external forces. "Turkey would not support such a move; it would destabilize the entire region," he said.

And this all happened while Palestinian terrorists were continuing to fire upon the State of Israel. A media war, meanwhile, is being waged against Israel that in my opinion is even worse.

As I wrote this article, I recalled a time when the "Iron Curtain" divided the world into two parts. At that time Georgia was part of the Soviet Union.

Many Georgians, myself among them, watched with great hope for a meeting of U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Many of us prayed until finally the Communist wall collapsed, and the wind blew Liberty in our direction. At the time of darkness, when the Soviet KGB was very strong, the only hope for us who lived in the Soviet Union was the strong moral and political stance of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who showed us that we were not alone.

I am proud that I survived the Empire of Evil. But now all around us there is being constructed a new wall, the "green wall of Islam" -- which is protected by the sword of Islam, Sharia law, which is as terrible as that old "Iron Curtain." God forbid if the "green men" possess nuclear weapons.

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