Thursday, March 15, 2012

Iran: Mayor of Tehran warns against display of Christian symbols on buildings

From Jihad Watch:

Iran: Mayor of Tehran warns against display of Christian symbols on buildings
And Muslims coming out of Friday prayers destroyed Enghelab Square for its resemblance to, horror of horrors, a Star of David.

Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Islamic Republic of Iran: "Tehran Mayor warns against display of Christian symbols on buildings," from Mohabat News, March 12 (thanks to Lachlan):

...After authorities complained about the display of Christmas trees and Santa Clauses in the streets of Tehran during the Christmas season, Hossein Kalkhorani, the deputy director of city services of Tehran in an interview conducted by Revolutionary Guard supported Fars news agency, announced that some people display freemasonry and Christian (!) symbols on their buildings and warned that the municipality of Tehran will seize these symbols. He stated, "Building facades in Tehran should be controlled by the municipality and the display of such symbols should not be allowed."
Objections to non-Islamic symbols have a long history in Iran. Some time ago, the architectural design of Enghelab Square in Tehran also caused controversies. Some regime dependent figures claimed that the architecture of this square reminds people of freemasonry symbols and the Star of David. After these comments were made, a group of Basij members wearing cerecloths (ceremonial burial cloth in Islam) attacked this square after they finished their Friday prayer and started devastating the structure. The structure had cost 300 million Tomans (around 300,000 USD) and was the rooftop of Tehran's subway!...

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