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Salafis to Hindus & Buddhists: Reconvert Back to Islam

From Europe News:

Salafis to Hindus & Buddhists: Reconvert Back to Islam 10 January 2012
By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

EL KOSHARY, Cairo - Editor’s note: ‘Keep out of politics’ ... this used to be the golden advice most Egyptian parents hoped their youngsters would abide by in order to actually stay out of trouble in a country that never allowed dissent. But the kids never listen … they heed not the warning, It’s part of their nature I presume.

Maybe taking to the streets and occupying Tahrir square, mostly by the youths, is something new to Egyptians, and must have been the surprise of a lifetime for a lot of the elder generation. Throughout their long history and whenever things got so bad Egyptians would spontaneously dish out jokes about politics and policy makers.

‘Telling jokes’ has always been their way of voicing out their dissent. They would sometimes tell jokes about themselves exposing many negative aspects in their lives. Even after the 25 January revolution, and recognizing the bitter fact that things haven’t really changed that much, Egyptians are keeping this legacy of political satire alive … and hilariously entertaining.

Indian government comes under fire as Salafis turn their attention eastward

The Egyptian Salafi movement has accused the Indian government of holding captive millions of Hindus and Buddhists who had allegedly been Muslims in a previous life.

"These people had converted to Islam at some point in the distant past and they are now being kept hidden inside Buddhist temples and ashrams all over South Asia,” said Salafi leader Mohammed Hareeqa- harreqa means fire in Arabic- while ominously playing with a box of matches.

"We have given the Indian government a one month ultimatum before we smoke these captives out and reclaim them as true, properly bearded Muslim men and properly veiled Muslim women,” Hareeqa told MSM, unaware that a small part of his own beard had caught on fire when he dramatically ignited a match while saying ”smoke them out.” (...)

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