Sunday, March 11, 2012

Video: American Islamist Group Seeks to Silence Critics

From Creeping Sharia;

Video: American Islamist Group Seeks to Silence Critics

WASHINGTON — The so-called Arab Spring has left the Muslim Brotherhood on the rise — and not just in the Middle East.
The Brotherhood’s allies are also exercising their influence here in the United States. These American Muslim pressure groups are targeting anyone who criticizes Islamic extremism.
So far, their tactics are working.
Oliver North has an excellent post regarding this titled Blacklist
…….Now, there’s a new-millennium blacklist for American patriots who fail today’s political correctness test. Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin U.S. Army (Ret.), a highly decorated special operations soldier with 36 years of service in uniform, is the newest name on the roster. The silence from the ‘civil liberties lobby’ is deafening.It’s often said that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guardsmen and Marines serve to “protect our freedoms” and “defend our liberties.” All true. Now consider what took place this week at the United States Military Academy at West Point – an institution responsible for training young men and women to protect America from those who mean us harm…..
Be sure and read it all

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