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Danish ghetto: pay 1,800 dollars for being 'black and Christian'

From Jihad Watch:

Danish ghetto: pay 1,800 dollars for being 'black and Christian'
Two journalists spent four months doing research in the Muslim ghetto of Mjølnerparken in Copenhagen. What they uncovered is shocking. Translated from the Danish, Weekendavisen, March 1: "On the other side of the fence" (not online):

This past year there have been several disturbing incidents in the neighborhood of outer Nørrebro. In October, a refugee from Africa had his door kicked in several times and was threatened by a group of youths who accused him of being both black and Christian.
He was given a deadline of less than a week to pay them 10,000 kroner (1,800 USD) if he wanted to live in the area. Police told him that they could no longer guarantee his safety in Mjølnerparken. When Lejerbo (the company renting out apartments in the area) found him, he was crying and had slept on the street.

In October, an Arab man contacted the housing company (Lejerbo) after being threatened with both a knife and a gun. His wife did not dare to leave the apartment, because the young people in the area did not like the fact that she does not wear a headscarf.

The caretaker working in Mjølnerparken whom Weekendavisen meets in a trailer shakes his head as he tells about an incident with an ambulance that went badly wrong. While the ambulance was parked in front of the doorway, and rescuers were up in the apartment, a group of boys came and stole everything from the vehicle - even the heart starter.

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