Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Denmark: Politically incorrect cartoons

From Jihad Watch:

From Denmark: Politically incorrect cartoons

Danes not only have the world record in happiness. They are also the most trusting people and the people who have the least tendency to feel ashamed. Maybe that is why making fun of angry people and their prophet is what we are famous for. And why stuff like this can be printed in one of our biggest -- and most politically correct -- newspapers (Politiken). From
Wulffmorgenthaler, burqa postbox.jpg
Wulffmorgenthaler, burqa smile.jpg
Wulffmorgenthaler, festival burqa tent.jpg
Wulffmorgenthaler, Taliban New Year.jpg
Wulffmorgenthaler, Osama speedos.jpg
Translation: "What Osama does nowadays. "Guys, how do you think they fit? It is Speedos, I bought them online... I am preparing for the day that we get out of this ridiculous cave! Then we will finally have some fun!"
Wulffmorgenthaler, Arabs as Scandinavians.jpg
Wulffmorgenthaler, proper Muslim woman.jpg

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