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Islamic war against free speech advances at U of Maryland: student govt unanimously condemns truthful ad about Islamic antisemitism

From Jihad Watch:

Islamic war against free speech advances at U of Maryland: student govt unanimously condemns truthful ad about Islamic antisemitism
Here (thanks to Pamela Geller) is the FLAME ad. What in it is false? Why, nothing. But the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Muslim Brotherhood groups in the U.S. including the Muslim Students Association are determined to shut down truthful speech about Islam and jihad, so as to allow that jihad to advance unimpeded. And these youthful tools and useful idiots in the University of Maryland student government vote unanimously to give them what they want, not realizing that there may come a day, as Islamic law continues to advance in the U.S., that they wish they had the freedom of speech, but they have already frittered it away.

"SGA votes to condemn Diamondback advertising department: Body requests formal apology; student group will not accept MMI.’s advertisement offer," by Leah Villanueva in the Diamondback Online, November 10 (thanks to Kent):

In a unanimous vote Wednesday night, the SGA joined a newly formed coalition of students in condemning The Diamondback's advertising department for running a controversial ad last month that several students referred to as "hate speech."
The Student Government Association resolution — which passed 24-0 with three abstentions — called on the department to make a formal apology to the student body for the publication of an advertisement called "You deserve a factual look at … Muslim Arab Anti-Semitism" for the Facts and Logic About the Middle East organization in the newspaper Oct. 19. The resolution also calls for the advertising department to refrain from publishing FLAME ads in the future.

After the ad's publication, outraged students formed the End Hate Speech at UMD coalition, and two members of the group met with two Maryland Media Inc. — the private company that owns The Diamondback — officials and Diamondback editor in chief Lauren Redding last week.

MMI General Manager Michael Fribush offered to provide free advertising space, which MMI has never done before, to print a rebuttal advertisement or for the group to publish a guest column or letter on The Diamondback's opinion page.

But Osama Eshera, who is a member of End Hate Speech at UMD and attended last week's meeting, said the group will decline the offer. While End Hate Speech at UMD appreciated the gesture, the group wants the advertising department to issue a formal apology, to refuse to publish FLAME ads in the future. They group also hopes to foster a conversation about hate speech across the campus.

See? This is a tried-and-tested tactic straight out of the Islamic supremacist playbook. They could have had space to prove the FLAME ad wrong, but they know they can't do that, because it is true -- so instead, they try to get FLAME ads banned. This is exactly the same thing that Hamas-linked CAIR, stealth Islamic supremacists like Reza Aslan, and non-Muslim tools like John Esposito and Karen Armstrong do with me: they can't refute me, so they decline my invitations to debate and pretend that what I say is out of the bounds of reasonable public discourse -- which is exactly where they are endeavoring to put it. And in all such motions, the goal is the same: to allow Islamic jihad and Islamic supremacism to advance unimpeded.

"This is about getting the campus more involved and getting the message out to students and faculty to understand the issue and having their opinions and stances heard on the issue," said junior bioengineering major Eshera, who is also a Diamondback columnist. "That creates a true discussion of these ideas and not just a statement."
However, Fribush said in an interview yesterday that he will not consider writing a formal apology, noting SGA legislators had not reached out to MMI to hear the company's reasons for publishing the advertisement.

Bravo, Fribush. Never apologize for telling the truth.

"I'm a little disappointed the SGA voted on this," Fribush said. "They only heard one side. They didn't hear both sides."
Fribush said if FLAME does submit advertisements to the newspaper in the future, the department will evaluate them for publication on a case-by-case basis, just as it does for all ads.

"We have to vet it on a case-by-case basis," Fribush said. "To just say no without looking at it and censor it goes against everything a newspaper is."...


Pamela Geller has much more here.

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